Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hi Everyone!
I loved reading your blog entries! Thanks so much for you responses and your questions!I had a great flight here, the planes were full but I was able to sleep pretty well!
Many of you asked if my pictures were my dad's house. The answer is "Yes". It is a beautiful stone casa with vineyards all around! When I look outside I see lots of green!It was cool and windy here today but I went for a nice walk as well as going into town to do some grocery shopping!
I am posting some more pictures today, mostly of the outside of the house, just for you to see. You do not need to respond but if you want to say "hi" I will be checking the blog Thursday afternoon. I will also post something new for you to look at Friday.
One way in.
I have been thinking of you all, as I wander around I imagine what you might say or think!
Ciao per adesso!
Signora Houston
P.S. I want to add some arches to our classroom, let me know if you want to help! This could be a fun, creative project!
Here is my address! Welcome to my house!

Another way in!!!


  1. I like the house, It looks really fancy.

  2. it looks really cool is how is Italy?
    Did you meet any freinds?

  3. Hi!
    I did meet some friends! One of my good friends came to see me from Paris, France. We are going to have Easter together and then I am going to visit her in Rome next week!

  4. H Mrs.Houston I have been wondering what you have been doing in Italy and I can't wait for you to come back to Vermont!

  5. Hi Mrs. Houston hope you trip in Italy is going well, school been good and you house and the rest of Italy looks beautiful.