Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Blog due 5/30

The sun is setting and still the fight continues.....


  1. The sun is setting and still the fight continues till late in the night until the god Zeus comes down from Mount Olympus to stop this horrendous fight before it starts a rivalry or even a war. What could Ares (the god of war) want us to do???????

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  2. The fight is still on and it wont end until some body wins and wins the Olympics and it is the best match that the Geek Olympics have ever seen. the battle is between Eli and Joe who will win...

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  3. It's been over 24 hours. Our god Ares caused this great fight. As far as we know it could go on for ever! You will never guess what happened then. Said my great grand father. His great x 86 grand father was a big part in this war/ battle.

  4. Zeus- I am winning!!!!!
    Hades - no you are not old man. you will never win
    Zeus- oh ya I just did!!! ha ha ha
    Hades- man not again!
    Zeus- And I 'm not old! I'm older than you!
    Hades- by 10-11 seconds!
    Zeus- I will always be older because We can not die!!
    Poseidon- has any one seen my My Little Pony...
    Hades- DOLL!!!!
    Poseidon- NO! action toy!
    Zeus- hey dude lay off him he is just 20 seconds younger and will always be that way.
    Poseidon- What no I am older that Hades my 2 seconds! also I am not 20 seconds older that you I am 8 seconds later then you MAN!!!
    Zeus- Well what ev I am the one to become the next king!! no dada still hasn't decided.
    Hades- I know what I want to do when I get older I want to be the GOD of death!!!! HA
    Poseidon- I sort of want to be the GOD of the sea/ocean.
    Zeus- I sill want to be king. I also see the hots for Dione, Leto,Maia but I think that Hera is the hottest of them all so I want to be married to her.
    Hades- oooooooooo hay but you are to young to date let alone marrie. and besides she is only 13 and you are 13 1/2
    Zeus- I am a half a year older so??
    Hades- so? what do you mean so?? you are so out of her leage. that is final. I have to go anyway so bye! "big bro"
    Poseidon- don't liston to him. okay okay I wont. Bye man gtg ( what ever slang that is??)
    Zeus- By br see you later by.

    1. I miss spelled some things so you put is what you think is right.

  5. It's been a whole day and Zeus and Poseidon are still fighting over who is the most powerful. They must prove their strength by lifting a stone block that is 200 pounds for 10 minutes.Then they have to prove who can win in a fight that lasts until one of them is unconscious.

  6. This is the olympic games. They are being held in olympia in ancient GREEEE apparently(according to the picture) and this is the wrestling part of it. These two have been fighting all day! They are getting tired and so is the crowd. A few people are asleep on the benches. But I am still watching. It looked as though one is winning, but then is pushed back again. This is so boring, but I will still… z z z z z z z z z ...

  7. Zeus: yes the fight continues it has been on for 12 hours now, the reason it continues on is because they don't want to disappoint me because they know what happens when i'm disappointed.
    Steve: I have a family I cant disappoint Zeus and I have to bring pride to my family.
    victor: everything is depending on this fight I got to impress the towns people I cant let this looser win!
    And so the fight continues and continues and eventually one falls to death who fell? both strong men fighting for a reason but only one made it.

  8. My brothers have been fighting all day, they've been fighting for our fathers crown after he dies. My father said that the sons of the king needs to fight and the one still standing or if someone gives out the other will get the crown. Soon it will be time for my father to pass the crown do to the next king, which shall be one of my brothers. No matter what one of my brothers will be king and the other will live in the shadow of the other, and who knows the could be kind about it or the could turn on each other and kick them out of the town for ever and to make sure they never come back. My brothers are getting tired and I must go sleep, in the morning there will be a new king or they will still be fighting to the crown od our father.

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  9. Hi I'm johnny. We've been watching this gladiator fight for hours on end. I just don't know who will win Joe Bob Fred or Fred Bob Joe. They are both big, muscular, strong guys. Fred Bob Joe looks like he has the upper hand but now he just got punched in a place you don't wanna know...

  10. Zeus- Look at your spelling of Greece! You have too many letter e's! You should look at the heat OH you don't know what that means do you! IT MEANS THE SUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Apollo- No I do know what heat means because I am the sun god besides I like e's it looks good on me. OH and you fight like a girl in a sissy fight and you look like one with long hair!
    Zeus-NO I DON'T HAVE LONG HAIR YOU YOU LITTLE RASCAL I WILL KILL YOU!!!!!!!!!! Well maybe I should take away your powers instead. Oh and your hat is very silly. Why do you wear it?
    Apollo-I wear it because it looks good on me.

    Narrator- Finally in a long time they broke up and stopped the fight and said sorry for what they did.

    But you never know if they will fight again........................

  11. the fight will never end until the humans give zeus his hotdog of gold back

  12. This is the Olympic finals in the fighting category. That hairy guy with a shield shoving his face in the camera could be Zeus but it's still really annoying how I try to watch the Olympics on TV and you get a selfie of some hairy, ugly god. This happens every time! I try to watch the Olympics and some person is all like, "Hash tag selfie!" Yeah! Why is this world so messed up!? You know what I'm talking about?! Maybe I should change the Chanel.

  13. This is a finale of the Olympic Boxing category. It has lasted for two days, and both of the competitors are showing signs of fatigue. The God Apollo is looking down upon them while they are fighting. Apollo is wondering if one of them will die.

  14. "Caleb, stop!" I yell to my brother. He got into a fight with one of the guards of the temple for Athena. We live in the Athens. I don't know why he got into this fight. He is very foolish for it.
    I run in between them. I knock my tiny body over. The guard gives me a really dirty look, and then he hurls himself at me. I roll. He lands next to me, and I quickly get up and run. Why is he so annoyed? I keep running, until I reach the last building in the city. I keep running. All I see is jagged land. This was foolish of me, not just Caleb. I quickly look behind me, and the guard is a few yards away, struggling to keep his husky body going. He is very big, two times as wide as me and two times as tall. He isn't stubby, he is just really built. He is scary. Ugly. Intimidating.
    "Haylee!" I hear Caleb shout from behind the guard.
    I can't bear to think of what I am going to do. This guard isn't going to give up. I'm a helpless, tiny 13-year-old girl who is being chased away from the city she is so used to, and the city she loves. What can I do?.......

  15. This is the fight that went on years ago and people still remember it like it was yesterday. Or maybe it was yesterday I don't really know because i lost the fight and got knocked out in the last second but the cool thing is is that people told me that when i was out........

  16. Here I am, finally watching the Olympics. Through my own eyes and not through my uncles stories. Everyone said I wouldn't make I in because I'm a girl but I did glance sideways and see a guard try to cut through the ocean of people towards me . . .

  17. I am the fighter on the right. The fighter on the left is my brother, Cassander. The god that is watching us is Zeus. I'm am an actor, fighting for my life. It is theater for the Almighty Zeus. I have obviously never lost a fight and I never plan to either. Sometimes these fights take days. It is very harsh to see my brother hurt, and soon to be killed, but we knew that one day this would come. All I have to say is that I hope Zeus enjoys the show.

  18. Sir bobby joe is fighting my brother Hemi, again like seriously, they fight way
    too much. About 2 months ago we was total buddys we skateboarded together in the temples of Anthea, What broke our friendship
    Thats a story for another time...

  19. Welcome to the Olympics, as you can see we right now are having the reselling matches.

  20. They are Lord Snufaluphagus and Fred. They are fighting in the Olympics. They are the best in Athens. Lord Snufaluphagus has muscle and Fred has speed but they are equally matched in a fight. Who do you thing will win?

  21. I can't believe that the fight if still going on it's been three years and both men are hurt. Hephaestus and his brother Ares are fighting over Aphrodite both think that she is in love with the other but the truth is that she loves Ares. She has been married to Hephaestus for as long as any of us can remember, I being Athena very wise and one of Zeus's favorite children (not to brag) so he left me in charge of the fight while he went to visit Apollo. It takes a while to get to Apollo and for every morning that I wake I wish and pray to, well my self, that he'll come back and fix this mess. I'm not sure what to do we have tried everything I have even asked for Poseidon's help which was a huge mistake he sent me 500 years of bad luck! I'm running out of ideas I looked back just as one of Ares huge spears came hurdling at me..

  22. This is me I have been fighting for day I want it to end I almost just quit it is so tiring I have wondered so many times what the other guy is think about this...

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  23. The fight has been going on for hours. The two men are fighting to see who is the strongest. I don't think the fight will ever end!

  24. "Ladies and gentleman please take a seat. The entertainment is about to begin." said the announcer at the Olympics. I have bean trying to get daddy to take me to the amazing wrestlers but all he wants to do is watch all of the boring stuff like chariot races and the pole thrower or what ever. After all morning of me "whining" he just got tiard and put in earplugs. So while he was having lunch I snuck to the wrestling mach. The fight was really awesome they were tackling and punching each other and it was really awesome! Right in the middle of it dad finds me and pulls me back. he gave me a lecture about poking peoples eyes out was not the right amusement for a 7 year old boy...

  25. This beautiful piece of art work is of the the powerful Zeus watching over these mighty warriors fighting over the gold they have found in one of the chests. They have been battling for hours, days, months, and they still won't stop until they have gotten their wish. By the time the battle ends a year later, they have made a deal that they will split the chest in half. When they go to get their share of gold, they find the chest has been stolen while they were fighting. After a year of battling they have gotten nothing at all.They look up to the sky and picture Zeus laughing at them, ashamed, they walk away in despair.

  26. Welcome ladies and gentleman to the Olympic boxing final. They are fighting for there life and will do what ever it takes to win the wreath of honor.

  27. the man on the right is an undefeated boxer and the person who he is fighting it is his first fight ever and is clearly wining

  28. the fight must go on. two boxers.... On the left we have Zeus the god of mount olympus and on the left we have poseidon the god of the sea. Who will win?

  29. The fight still continues and as the fighters aregetting tired it's a close fight......

  30. this is the Olympic fight it got pose-pone and they made them fight at the acropolis Ares is the god watching over in the right hand corner

  31. The sun is setting and the fight continues until late at night then Zeus came and broke up the fight. STOP!

  32. "The sun is setting but they are still fighting" said a man in the crowd. They have to go till one loses. One of the fighters finds a sharp stone and stabbed it into the other fighter. quickly a younger man from the crowd and ran to the fighter still standing and said "you are disqualified." then he grabbed the dead man and walked away

  33. there fighting in the Olympic boxing tournament where biting and gouging the other persons eyes out is permitted everyone in the audience drinks Snapple whith an orange bendy straw with there pet narwhal the end