Monday, February 2, 2015

Blog entry due Friday 2/6

Can you imagine what the conversation is that they are having?
What are they saying to each other?


  1. Christopher Columbus and his crew have just arrived in America. This is there conversation.
    Columbus- "Sir do you no where we are?"
    Indian- "You are on our land."
    Columbus- "We sailed off course along our way to Europe."
    Indian- "Where Europe?"
    Columbus-"It does not matter."
    Columbus- "If we work for you will you give us food?"
    Indian- "You must work!"
    Columbus- "I will if you promise not to fight us."
    Indian-"You work and we no fight."
    Now that they have a deal Columbus and his crew start working for the Indians. The only problem is that they are not accustomed to the work and are not great workers. This makes the Indians mad...

    1. suddenly, the indians charge at columbus and his crew: they do not trust them. Columbus fights back in order to win, but are forced to get off of their land.

  2. "We want to establish a trade route between are people"."no us natives cant afford
    trading we are struggling as it is get off my land before a steal your ships and other things

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  4. I am Native American to the left sitting at base of tree. Chief is speaking harshly with white man. They are discussing land on which we live. White man want our land, but we won't let them. They now yelling. It looks like blows will be delivered soon. Chief now telling them to go back from were white men came.

  5. White men coming onto the shore. They want our tribe land. We won't let them. If they do we fight and is scary. What will happen?

  6. We are the native Americans have you got any food : pilgrims We have food but we need it :native Americans we need the food so we can survive wait maybe we can share then both of us can survive and work together that is a great idea here have some corn.

  7. I shell clam this land mine whether you like it or not you just greedy people and your pure evil and I mean it you greedy of this land you think you own it all but you don't you only own like one acre of this land but you don't get it

    please continue

  8. The Europeans have sailed off course on there way to China, they have read Marco Polo's book. When the Europeans arrive on land they are abruptly greeted by Native Americans. The Native Americans don’t seem to be happy that the Europeans have landed on their land. Immediately the Native Americans pick a fight with the Europeans.

  9. We are talking to white man that came from big boat. they want land and food but we will not give it to them. now they are yelling at us now and now we begin war.

  10. Guys who knows if we can trust this Christoper Columbus what if he dose not what he says he will do.

  11. i am Christoper Columbus and I took a trip to India and china and I found this people and we asked them for gold and riches and they don’t have any and the king and Queen are going to be made

  12. The indians are like "The god has cursed us, you have come." The settelers are like:"We need help and uh... where are we?" The indians are like :"You settle for one season." The settlers are like : "Thanks, can we trade"?

  13. White men are taking our land. In return, we get shiny tools that is made of iron (pronounced IE-RONE).

  14. Christopher Columbus has arrived in America where he soon meets the Native Americans.
    "My people and I seek shelter. We have been travelling for many weeks and we are tired and hungry. We shall give you wealth from this very trunk. There are priceless pieces of gold, gems, and fortune. We shall work and hunt for your people if we can stay. Peace or war?" The Indian who is obviously the leader speaks to another man beside him, talking in a language unknown to Christopher Columbus. The other man steps forward in motion to talk to Columbus.
    "How can we be sure we can trust you? How do we know you will not declare war? Our chief dislikes the look of you and your people. He is cautious of declaring peace." Columbus now knows that that man is the chief's translator so he speaks to them both.
    "We have brought no weapons on our voyage. We have just a bit of sticks. If you were to declare war, how would we fight you and your people?" The translator speaks with the chief of the Indians, and turns toward Columbus.
    "Our chief says that he will allow you and your people to seek shelter near our land. He recommends the land South of this shelter. We will help you to make few roofs. But beware, the chief does not trust you." Columbus is relieved.
    "Many thanks to you my acquaintances. We shall be peaceful towards you."

  15. the people is talking about one of the gropes has to leve and one of them are staying there

  16. It was tiring walking to the treasurer but then we found it. So then we ran to it andd opened it and found a sack we were wondering what to do. So then............

  17. no you can not come to our island
    but we sailed all the way
    dont care go away
    talk about rude
    well you come to our island what do you excpect

  18. we saw the cheast... we ran to it... it was locked... we smashed it with a rock...
    it open.. and all was in it was a sack... what was in it we wondered...

  19. "Christopher Columbus's ship is about to land near us so we should move out of the way so his crow can get out and go where ever they want to go."
    "Why should we move can't he land some where else? And may be he is not heading where we are."
    As they talk the boat heads closer and, closer to them until it lands at the tip of the sand close to them!!

    1. The first person shouts out "I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!"
      That makes the other person mad so he says "GO AWAY CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS WE ARE WORKING HEAR!!!!!!"
      As he says that everyone starts to move farther away from the ship with there stuff in there hands.
      He is surprised that everyone cleared out for Christopher Columbus he was so surprised that he did the same thing.

    2. Christopher Columbus was not on the boat and that surprised everyone but they started to go back to what they where doing.
      After a little while Christopher Columbus's crew and boat left with a bunch of gold and only the crew new it.
      When the people found out they where angry so they where thinking of having revenge on him.

  20. I have stayed behind, for I am afraid I will get beaten. The men are going to make peace with the Indians who live beyond the lands of North America. Some say they are just waiting to kill us. They say I`m crazy and that I am loosing my mind. The children think this is a game but, it`s not. What about me you say? Well I think the Indians are amazing and we can learn from them. That is why everyone thinks I`m crazy but, it may be true.

    It`s been 2 days and the men have returned. Most of the men are safe with many small cuts from the work they have done. There was no harming in the talk only scratches from gathering the trade they deserved such as buffalo meat and bones. The Indians get corn that has already been grown and flour. Such a great trade and I was right, everything is going to be alright.

  21. We have just arrived in a strange new land. We walk forward, out of the corner of my eye I spot a silhouette, he has a bow and is aiming at me then I look around and see that they're everywhere aiming at all my men. "Ambush!" I yell and seconds later I feel a sharp pain in my upper arm, then one in my leg and side, blood is spilling out my wounds and down my body. "Run" I yell just as I pass out. When I wake up I'm in a wooden cell and my wounds are wrapped in bandages, I feel lightheaded then pass out again.
    This time I've woken up in what seems to be one of the houses of the indians, I look around and my eyes lock onto a mans intimidating face. He talks in a foreign language, of one I do not understand, I try and communicate but he just looks at me like I'm speaking gibberish. Then I pull out my note pad and write down what I'm trying to say, looks like it worked, he seems to be reading it, then he looks down at me and holds out his hand, I look at him for a minute then realize he needs my pen. He scribbles something down and I look over at it but feel a sharp pain doing so, I had forgotten about my wounds. I scan over what he has written and it takes me a minute to figure it out but I end up succeeding. We continue on like this for some time. I'm sure your wondering what we were talking about? Well I was trying to get him to send one of his tribes-men to give my general a message, and it worked! Here is the message I asked to send:

    Dear General,

    I ask you to bring the 'cargo' to the shores of this land at 12:00 sharp bring all but one crate, for that last crate is an offering to the king to help with our travels.

    Your Captain

    I then tell the man in the hut to meet my men at the shores of the indians land for a trade.
    The next day both my men and the tribes-men along with their leader, who seems to be the man I was talking to in the tent, meet at the tips of the indians land for the trade. . .

    1. Wow that is a good, violent start. Very interesting. You really took your time on this that`s great!

  22. Christopher Columbus has just sailed off course onto an island with Indians this is their conversation: " Do, you, speak, English?!" C.C. says
    " I speak little English," the Chief replies
    " Do you know were we are?" C.C. asks
    " You on our land," the Chief answers
    " Can we not fight if my crew and I settle here?" C.C says wearily
    " No Fight!" the Chief shrieks
    " Can you teach us how to survive here?" C.C. says calmly
    " Yes,only for 4 boom sticks, and for what in that chest," the Chief says
    " All right it's a deal!" C.C. says thankfully.... please continue!!!!

    1. Great job Britta I like the way the chief talks. Sounds like he`s excited to get those ''Boom sticks''.

  23. Christopher Columbus is talking to Indians about trading treasure, food, spices, and land.

  24. "Hello, my name is Christopher Columbus. I have traveled night and day to reach your country, and I would like to propose a deal," I said.

    "What your deal," asked the Chief. (apparently he didn't speak English very well)

    I answered,"I will give you guns and a supply of ammunition that will last years, if you show us how to survive off the land." The Chief though about it for a few moments, and the nodded his head.

    "Sounds like fair trade. Bring guns and ammunition here, the we start show you how survive off land."

    I sent five of my strongest men to get the guns and ammunition. The Chief motioned me to follow, so I started walking with him.....

    Please Continue!!!!

  25. I think that they are agreeing to settlement for no harm with the Indian's and the Columbus people. They also could be asking the Indians for settlement on the Indian's land. Because as in the background of the picture. They have boxes with people surrounding the boxes.

  26. Oh my what is that?
    I don't know but it looks like a blanket.
    Well it has something engraved on it!
    Well spit it out what does it say?
    It say PBJ.
    What, I don't get it.
    To be continued

  27. this picture is of c.c meeting the people we now call native Americans. This picture was from when c.c took his trip to china but he sailed the wrong way and found America.

  28. there probably thinking (we meet again)

  29. There probably thinking hey we came all this way for land and you people are here taking our lush vegetation.

    1. i agree but ya why would they think there wouldn't be people there all ready or did the just show up and the people were already there???

  30. Christopher was astonished for what he saw ahead of him.
    "We did it! We made it to Cathay!" He called out to his crew.
    They raised the flag to signal the other ships. But something was weary inside of him. This does not look like how Marco Polo described it. It was good enough for him though, they had been on the sea for days!
    * 5 hours later... *
    The grinding sounds of sand under their boats were loud as they pulled into the shore of what looked like an empty camp. They disembarked and walk on to the sight. The embers of a fire are still red, like it just got blown out. A bush rustles in the woods in front of him and his men.
    "HOOIIEE!" A high pitched scream calls out. Out from the bushes is an army of, well, Indians. Big, beefy, indians.
    "These don't look like the people Marco described." Christopher whispered through the side of his mouth. The guy next to him nodded.
    The tallest one steps out from the army.
    "What do you desire from us? Who are you?"
    "My name is Christopher Columbus, and I desire..."

    Continue it! ~Lily

    1. "To have a bit of the land that you live in, so that my crew and I can dig up the riches of the earth and send it back home. There should be tons of riches, as Marco Polo said they were here."
      "Who is this Marco Polo?"The tallest asks suspiciously.
      "A man who lived some time ago and wrote books of where he had traveled."
      "Well he hasn't been to these parts I'll tell you, for you pale skins always cause a commotion wherever you go," the indian replies with a scowl.
      Some of Christopher Columbus's men scowl back at the indians while some shift from foot to foot. The big men all look as if ready to attack, but the tall one is holding them back. Columbus's men start pulling out their weapons that they carry around to protect themselves. All is about to break into kayos when…...

  31. Christopher and his crew pulled into the new land. Their ship hid the land as Christopher threw down a rope ladder he and the crew climbed onto the sandy beach. They walked through the grass and all of a sudden an arrow was shot out of nowhere. Christopher looked around and spotted a pair of eyes staring at them. Christopher spoke " We come in peace" "we are just looking around." The indians came out from hiding. "This is some beautiful land you have here." Christopher walked back to his ship and returned with a large chest. He opened it up and spoke again. "I offer you this for some of your land. Jewels and gold." "Gold?" "Yes Jewels and gold. For some of your land." " What do you say?"

    Continue This!

  32. "Where are we?" I had to admit that even me;Christopher Columbus had made a mistake.
    "You on out land." A indian jumped out fro behind a bush. He held a spear in his hand. This did not look good. I jumped, which is not a good idea when you are holding a heavy chest in you hands. I let go of my side of the chest (accidentaly of course).
    "Ow!" My mate yelped.
    "What in that box?" The indian questioned. There was other indians gathered around now. They all looked straight at the box.
    "Well um," I didn't know what to say.

    Please continue!

  33. Christopher Columbus's ship had gone off course. Just a couple days ago, he and his crew were stuck in a thunder storm out at sea on their way to China. The storm had veered off course and led the ship in the direction of the island. The lookout that had sat perched in the crows nest had shouted,
    "Land Ho!" Christopher decided that he and his men needed a rest so he told the man at the wheel to turn to the island. Just now, Christopher watched as his men unloaded the luggage from the ship.
    Suddenly the lookout shouted, "Look! Near the forest!" Christopher turned and saw eyes staring at him. He walked over cautiously and indians stepped out from their hiding spot.
    "Hello," Christopher said. He waited for the indian that looked like their chief to answer.
    "What do you want?" the chief grunted. (let me just mention Christopher and his crew were in desperate need of food).
    "Uh... we need food." Christopher said quickly. His crew nodded vigorously to help convince the indians.
    "What do you have to give?" the chief hunted grudgingly.
    "Um... we have gold!" Again the Christopher's crew nodded.
    "We will have a trade!" the chief declared.

    Please continue! ~Tanum

  34. The people in the picture above are Christopher Columbus and the rest of his crew in the background. Christopher is talking to the Native American's which he called the Indians because he thought that he was in the Indies. The chief of the Indians and Christopher Columbus are talking about trading gold and food. The Indians are going to trade the gold while Christopher Columbus and his crew are trading them food.

  35. they are Talking about taking a trip to another place

  36. "Hey crew, look those Indians have gold and food." Said Caption Kar,
    "Sailors are coming from shore we must trade." Said the Chief
    "Sailors," " We want to trade." Says the chief."
    "Same with us so we got spice you got gold." Sneered Caption Kar
    "Well we must have some food as well..." "Go to your vessle and get some and you have a deal."

    Continue the story

  37. I think the Indians are talking to Christopher Columbus are talking about how they need food and how they will trade gold and riches for the food.

  38. they are saying that they want to be friends and don’t want to heart them.

  39. (sung)

    We came to trade, we came trade
    But they whipped our skins an made us leave!
    But stillllllllllllll we will be happy happy happy
    (and find an island where they like us for heavens sake, Mate! :)

  40. I think CC is trying to get people to come sail. he is tryingto gret them on a boat to go to the new land.

  41. do you want to trade with me or do u want to have war

  42. I Christopher Columbus will help you with anything if you join the British or you go in war i will come back in a 10 days. Mack your bison.

    indies to be count

  43. this is Christopher Columbus. getting ready to sail the ocean blue. he is saying good by to his friends and getting ready to adventure.