Tuesday, March 24, 2015

An argument

What are these two men discussing? Create their conversation.


  1. They are both arguing over a fine lady. She is the princess and told them to figure who gets her. So far John on the right has paid 51 sheep and Clark has paid 50. It's a tight race, who will win/

  2. I wildly gestured with my hand, "And what is all this, a testing station for bunnies? Every time someone comes in for an appointment, they are never are seen again!" He steps toward me, "Have you seen anyone come in? Do you have proof of this stupid claim?". I glare at him. "Let me see your testing room." He shakes his head, "You need an appointment." "Fine!" I walk in and he closes the door. He turns around and he is holding a scalpel. "Now, you have proof." I scream.

    1. He steps toward me with slow footsteps, he raises the scalpel. It is coming at a insane speed toward my head, or so it seemed at the moment. The split second the cleaver was about to hit my head he stops it. I can feel the cool blade agains my forehead. Then he laughs a demented laugh and ushers me into another room 4 stories high with cages hung from the ceiling. I look closer to see what really is in there...

    2. They're....They're people....who in there right minds would put people in cages? They aren't wild animals, and even then it would still be wrong! These people have families who are probably worried sick! Now what are you planning you doing with these people. You better release them right now!

  3. we are arguing about who actually founded founded the city it will be a fight to the death

  4. Those two men are fighting over a company because they are both co owners and the owner just die, So now they are putting up a voting tent so that people can vote for who is owner. The man on the left won the voting thing and the man on the right is still co owner to this day.

  5. Hey there what do you want to do this weekend son do you want to go hunting or do you want to help me cut and split some wood for the winter but if we go hunting we would have to shot at the same time at two different male buffalo.

    So do you want to go hunting or do you want to gather fire wood?

    1. I want to go hunting because it is easier to shoot at too different buffalo than it is to cut split and gather fire wood for the winter.

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  7. the two men are arguing about who is going to get the seat at the bar next to the girl.I think the guy on the right should because he already has his drink at the the seat.

  8. First we need names for the two people. Man on the left is the King's thing doer Bob. The man o the right is King Anoos. We can call him King. Bob has returned to King From his mission saying he failed. His mission was to retrieve King's newly perchased herd of bulls from three miles away.
    "WHAT DO YOU MEAN THE BULLS RAN AWAY?!" King screems loud enugh to make a kitten go on a killing rampage.
    "I donno." Bob mumbles.
    "Uh...they uh...ran away?" Bob tries.
    "HOW, IN THE WORLD, DID YOU LET THEM GET AWAY??!!!" King asks very impationtly.
    "Uh... uh... there was a wolf pack! And uh... it ate a baby sheep! And uh... The sheep ran away! I guess." Bob spoke up.
    "Uh... the sheep farted rainbows but rainbows are highly flameable and things burned." Bob thought his excuse was fool proof.
    "Oh...ok that makes sence. sorry I yelled at you." King appologized.
    That's alright Bob said.

  9. "If King Charles does not sponsor any more explorers, then your son will surely not get a chance to promote us to riches!"
    "But do you really care about riches? We already have a good life serving the King and now you ask for even more? This is outrageous! My son is now a page and he has the best education in Spain!"
    "But don't you think there is more than just a good education? A little adventure?! If your son performs exceptional deeds, he could be a hero! Why don't you ask him if he dreams to be a cabin boy?"
    "That is unthinkable! I am his father, and I will decide his future!"
    "But don't you see? This is a great opportunity! Furthermore, would you not be happier if you were living in wealth? We would not have to perform silly duties for King Charles..."
    "Wealth is not the answer to happiness! And our service duties for the King are not silly as you imply! Now, I believe you have to deliver the post."
    "This conversation is not finished! Do you not see? The other explorers King Charles has sponsored may have lost their lives, but the remainder of the crew has been treated fabulously! You, being related to a hero! The people would adore you, even more than your son, because it will be you who sent him on this journey!"
    "Nonsense! To bring the conversation to the end, I will never let him offer his service at sea! Did you not think that he could be killed?"
    "But the chances are so sm-"
    "No! There is a chance of that happening, all the more reason I will not let him go! This conversation is over, and will not begin again!"

  10. these men are fighting over who will start to travel and who will be taking a boat to India Vasco da Gama or his brother Pedro da Gama.

  11. they are two brothers arguing about who gets the money their father owned because he died

  12. They are discussing what is happening around them...

  13. "Hello brother." "I wish I could say it was nice to see you but father died and his fourtane awaits."
    " I know I say you get 1/4 I get 3/3 goodbye."
    "No we spend 1/2 on his funeraul and we both get 1/4."


  14. There two men outside in the cold,misty,sweet air arguing over who has killed a young Indian about the age of 20. I listen, peering out my window. "I know that one of the other Indians had to of killed that man, their such ferocious people." I hear one the men scream that in in the other man's face. Calmly the other man speaks,"I believe that these Indians would never kill their own,but think about how Europeans like us have killed or harmed our own." The other man replies,"That doesn't matter." Then seconds later I hear yelling. I think of them, will they ever agree?

  15. Mr.Tocsin: Hello Mr. ah Mr. ah whats your name again?
    Mr.Bradly: Oh my name is Mr.Bradly sorry but what is your name again I.
    Mr.Tocsin: Oh its fine I can tell you.
    Mr.Bradly: I forgot sorry.
    Mr.Tocsin: My name is Mr.Tocsin.
    Mr.Bradly: Oh hi Mr.Tocsin how are you?
    Mr.Tocsin: Good how are wait just a minute you just want to get off topic so you do not have to ow me money!

  16. Husband:WHERE ARE YOU
    Wife:no where i will be home soon
    6 hours later
    Husband:you where suppose to be home by 6:00 its 12:00!
    Wife:you dont need to no!
    Husband:you are cheating!!???!

  17. The guy that is pointing at the other is yelling at the other guy because the guy that is surrendering was asked to do some errands for the other guy. These errands didn't happen, because he forgot and he is arguing that he was never asked to do the errands.

  18. these guys are mayors. they each own a town. the guy on left wants to make a rail road and train station to make more money. The guy on the right dose not want to because he wants to keep the forest and trees! the man on the left offers to give the man on the right 15% of the money. the man on the write is not pleased. The man on the left is told to leave at once~ The End

  19. these men are yelling about having no food in the house that they are liveing in

  20. Mr.brown and Mr.white are talking about money and hair styles because Mr.brown wants more money and more hair. And Mr.white doesn't wants more hair or money

  21. The men are fighting over a kingdom. They are brothers and they are prince's. Their father just died and their father was the king. They both want to be the new king but only one of them can become the new king. ( On the right is Thomas. On the left Marco.)
    Marco: I am the one who should be the new king! I am smarter, taller and far more handsome than you are Thomas.
    Thomas:That is so untrue. I am much more handsome than you are.
    Marco: We are acting like children. At dawn we will ask the village which one of us they want as their new king.
    Thomas: That is a great idea. They will obviously pick me.
    Marco: You are no- Thomas: Save it!
    Finish it!!!

  22. "Marco you must not follow through on this plan"
    "Mom I can do what ever I want I dont need your permission"
    "I raised you,I provided for you when no one else could after all I did your gonna run off to africa"
    "I wanna help people Mom imagine what I could do for the people there"
    "you have this crazy idea of helping people well you cant even help yourself so how do you imagine your going to help other people?
    "I will Mom just watch me im leaving good bye"
    "wait no Marco I love you dont leave"
    "oy ve what have I done what have I done"
    "I love my little Marco why does he have to leave me his own mother?
    "oy ve oy ve.

  23. these to are arguing about how there going to escape the law because they just murdered the taino tribe "why did we kill those natives, they did not deserve that"! they wouldn't have agreed to coming with us to be made slaves and you know that"! "we could have just left them to there selves or traded for there gold, now we have to figure out how to explain forty dead natives to the king and queen"!

  24. Mr. Naymar: Oh, hello Mr. Messi!
    Mr. Messi: Why, hello!
    Mr. Naymar: Let's play soccer together!
    Mr. Messi: Alright!!!
    Mr. Messi and Mr. Naymar start to play soccer. Mr. Naymar picks up the ball and runs down the field.
    Mr. Messi: HEY!!! YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!!!!!
    Mr. Naymar: Why not?!
    Mr. Messi: You can't pick the ball up in soccer!!!!!
    Mr. Naymar: Yes you can!
    Mr. Messi: No you can't!
    Mr. Naymor: YES. I. CAN!!!
    Mr. Messi: NO. YOU. CAN'T!!!!!!!!!!!
    Mr. Naymar: I saw a game on TV!!!! You know, that game where you pick up a ball that looks like a football and you try to get a goal that is called a try!!!
    Mr. Naymor: Oooohhhh.
    Mr. Messi: Let's play REAL soccer!
    Mr. Naymar: OK!!!!
    Mr. Messi and Mr. Naymar play soccer the RIGHT way!!!

  25. " I touched it first, so it's mine."
    " I SAW IT FIRST!"
    " DID NOT!"
    " DID TO!"
    " DID NOT!"
    " This is a useless argument."
    " Yeah it is isn't it."
    " You know what you can have the last roll."
    " Really? No! No! you should have it."
    " NO YOU!"
    " NO YOU!"
    "NO YOU!"
    " What were we arguing about again?"
    " I dunno."
    " I bet it was a pretty stupid argument."
    " NO I DO!"
    " NO I DO!"

  26. you stole my char said Bob.
    on i did int said Eli.
    then were is it.
    rite be hind you. Eli pint at at a char with a toilet set tape to it

  27. I think the two men are fighting about a laddie who they both like.
    "I get the laddie" says john( man on left)
    "no I do" says tom
    "but she said she liked me"
    "NO she said she liked me"
    Just then Jen walks bye(a.k.a. the LADDIE) Tom and John
    "Hi boys"she's says and keeps walking
    "she looked at me"says Tom
    "No she looked at me"
    After that they both storm away

  28. These to man are arguing about have no food and saying that's my and then the other guy is like no it's mine and then they fight

  29. They are arguing about whether cats or dogs are better.
    "cats are better because they have nine lives so cats live longer than dogs."
    "dogs keep you warm at night."
    "no dogs chew your shoes and homework up cats also keep you warm at night."
    "dogs are bigger."
    "dogs lick your face at 1:00 in the morning"

  30. These are two are running for president they both don’t want the other to be voted president. There names are Bill and Joe.
    "I will be voted president" said bill
    "NO you will not be president" yelled Joe
    "really you have gone to prison yet you thing you can be president"shouted bill
    "Fine maybe you will be president: shouted Joe

  31. 1981 January 15 court This young man is guilty of stealing my watch. How old are you the judge said. 9 and i don't have a home. he said well he still should be guilty. do you have anything to say little boy. No see he's guilty as charge. Alright the judge said. Bam

  32. "oh yah well I bet you dont have a piece of bread"
    "well I have a fish"(holds out flapping fish)
    "thats...nice I guess"
    "I also have a coat"
    "im wareing a coat."

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  34. "Oh you want to go?"
    "Ya I wan 'a go"
    "So you want to go?"
    "Ya that's what I just asked!"
    "Oh so now your bringing my yellow Banana in to this!"
    "I am so!"
    "So you want to go?"
    "I'll be back!"
    "What, the fight just started."
    "No I was hear for 15 minutes arguing and now I got to uase the little farmers room!"
    "Don't lie to me I know what you did!"
    Tell me what did I do!"
    "I'll tell you what I did!"
    "Now I really have to go!"

    10 minutes Later...

    "I'm back!"
    "Ya so?"
    "What were you doing in there?"
    "None of your bee's wax!"
    "Well fighting time"
    1...2...3...4...5... ??????
    (crowd yells) "What happened!?"

  35. the 2 men are arguing over the money of there dad. he died they want to know who is getting the house and the car and every thing else.

  36. Christopher Columbus is trying to get King Ferdinand to sponsor him on his journey. He has had no luck so far but....after a period of time finally gets King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella to sponsor him.

  37. ''why wont you give me the money'' ''Well i worked so pay me or else'' ''Or else what'' ''They will come and get you'' ''Them who'' ''You dont want to find out''

  38. ''why wont you give me the money'' ''Well i worked so pay me or else'' ''Or else what'' ''They will come and get you'' ''Them who'' ''You dont want to find out''

  39. "I told you to stop selling my things and pocketing the perishes stones."
    "Well your stuff is not selling any better is it."
    "No but we are going to get more stones in fact, why are we selling the stones I they are paying us with them."
    "So we can have new things and sell them and then we resell them for more things then it is worth."
    "You are the most stupide person I know."
    "Hey that's it you are fired, you better leave now, or else."
    "Or what."
    "I will call the guards."
    "I think I am going to go now."
    "Good instincts."
    "Good bye."
    "Don't ever come back you hear me!"
    "I hear you l won't be coming back any time soon."

  40. Mr. Mosen is relaxing in his house, having been done with the days work (of being a lawyer) when he hears a knock on the door. Irritated he gets up and opens the door. In front of him stands a tall roundly shaped man sporting a gray topcoat.
    "I want none of your sales," says Mr. Mosen and begins to shut the door but the other man stops him.
    "Sir, this is about work," he says. "Alright you may come in," says Mr. Mosen although anyone can tell his voice is full of annoyance.
    "Allow me to introduce myself," says the man. "I am Dr. Jones and am here for your help I was involved in a case-"
    "Okay get on with the story" interrupts Mr. Mosen.
    “Well, you see this case concerns medical things," says Dr. James.
    "Then I want none of it," replies Mr. Mosen.
    "Sir I'm pleading with you, I need you to be my lawyer" begs Dr. James.
    "I already said no," says Mr. Mosen, starting to get angry. "Now leave."
    “I won't until you agree" says Dr. James, his voice starting to raise.
    "This is outrageous," Mr Mosen says as he throws his hand out as if to accuse the other man.
    "Sir plea-" Dr. James says, his voice dropping to almost a whisper.
    "Get out of my house now or I will call the cops," Mr. Mosen says his tone dead serious.
    Dr. James turns, his head hung, and heads out the door.

  41. " I work a lot more than any other employees I should get paid more"
    " No you don't "
    " Yes I do your just care about getting paid and don't notice it"
    " I care about other thing "
    " like what "
    " Exactly"
    "Exactly what"
    "You any care about getting paid am I right"
    "No you are not "
    " Yes I am"
    " No "
    " Yes"
    " STOP what are we doing acting like 2 year olds"
    "I don't know"
    "Your the one that stared it"
    "Can you gust pay me more"
    "Way not"
    "Because I said so"
    " I'm done I'm leaving"
    10 minutes later
    "I'm back now where's my money"
    "I never said I was going to give you money"
    "I'm pretty sure you did"
    "No I didn't"
    "Here we go again"
    "I'm getting sick of this. I show up to work 2 hours earlier then I stay 2 hours later"
    "Maybe I do care a lot about getting paid"
    "Thank you for listening to me"
    "I will start paying you a little bit more then the other employees"
    "Thank you so much"


  42. The man on the right started to talk with a thick French accent. "What do you mean 'I've read better' my work is divine! I have been the praised as the finest writer by Barnley Times and James Sliev" then the man on the left spoke, he had a smooth British voice like an actors and replied with ease "Like I said I've read better, there were flaws in the plot and I didn't have that deep hatred I should have for a villain". The first man replied with a slauntered (<--not a real word but slauntered means rather frustrated) "How dare you speak so lowly of my book. I order you to publish it!!"
    "I will not Mr.Smilla! It is not worthy of our publishing group! We are quite a prestigious group you know." Mr Smilla replied with a flustered "My books are prestigious, Mr.Rosta!"
    "Not according to Rachel Slaffeg her reviews said your book was, and I quote, 'poorly put together, with measly character descriptions' "
    "Well," Mr.Smilla flustered "I'm appalled "
    "So am, but not by words but by your book, It's just dreadful"

  43. Bob wanted the beans but Joe
    Bob said give me the beans no they are mine give them no they are magic beans. Just give me the beans no no no no. Who do you think should get the beans.

  44. their probably just arguing about money

  45. "WHO STOLE MY CRUMPETS!?" My friend's voice boomed through the house with such anger that I could feel his passion. I walk downstairs to the parlor where my beloved friend was.
    "Ah Wesley, what are doing?" I say as I walk into the parlor, to get a cup of tea. Earl Grey preferably.
    He points an accusing finger at me. "You! You stole my crumpets!"
    "Uh, Wesley, I don't like crumpets." I say as I pour my hot water from the kettle.
    "Then who did?" *Squeak* *Squeak*
    I whip my head around to see a mouse holding a big piece of crumpet. It swallows it whole.
    "SON of A..."

  46. The man at the desk is the king and the other is the prince. "What are you thinking!", blared the king, "Why would you even think about marrying that dirty maid!"
    "I love much more than mother loved me!", replied the prince angrily. "And every time I see her, it's like I fall into a trance."
    "Maybe that's why you want to marry that filthy peasant!" yelled the king.
    "Well you know what, I'm going to marry her weather it's the last thing I do!"
    "That's it! To the dungeon for 10 years! Then maybe you'll learn your lesson!" said the king with hatred.
    "Nooooo!" screamed the prince as the royal guards came to take him away. Later that day, the king sentenced the rather stunning maid to death because he didn't want the prince marrying her when he got out of the dungeon.

    THE END!

  47. Why would you try to tell me that you din not try to take my ALL of my money.
    Well what is your proof
    Well, Well
    That is what I thought
    So what are you going to do about it
    I know somebody....