Monday, March 30, 2015

Crime Scene

You are investigating a crime. What will you be looking for as you gather your evidence? Who will you believe and what will you collect?


  1. Okkkkkkay, lets get to the point my friends (That means you Jim, pay attention.) who stole the (double coco peanut butter caramel) cookies, just barelyyyy this morning there was a huge jar of them perched on the windowsill. Jim, you and dad are my main suspects meet in my office[room] for deeper questioning...

  2. Crime: Break-in at movie theater
    Damage: Played Barney episodes instead of horror movies
    Main Suspects: Emily Bryant, Hayden Adams, Grant Mckraken, Julian Frapier, and Ebin Lagasse

    1. punishment: A wild spank'n in a dark alley

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  4. crime: broke in to a bank.
    damage sat on money ripped it.
    main suspect:the people in the bank.
    punishment: banned at McDonalds.

  5. ok a crime sence is the wrost place to be because cameron currier was bleeding main suspects: animal mam, crazy animal man, stupid crazy animal man.

  6. Justin Bieber just got arrested for egging his nabor's house. Let's look at Justin Bieber's other records.
    First, he caused some caos when he was late to his own show because he refused to stop playing a video game. Say what?!
    Second, he abandoned a bunch of monkeys in Germany. Why would you do that?
    Third he was caught drag racing in his bugaghty. Why would you waste an awesome car like that?
    Fourth, (The rest can't be put on this blog)

  7. Crime: Dead guy on the side of the road
    Suspects: Nick, Reason: Lacrosse stick in hand near the scene/Avery, Reason: Was pointing a gun at the guy who's dead/ Gavin, Reason: He had his bare hands near the crime scene.
    Punishment: No more living or Death Sentence
    Police: Well, we all know it wasn't Avery or Nick so it must be Gavin.
    Gavin: What? That's not fair, there was no trial!
    Police: I'm sorry but there's no other choice... We have to kill you slowly and painfully with the worst weapon... A spoon
    Police: It's also the fastest.
    Gavin: What! You just said it was slow!
    Police: Here comes the spoon...

  8. I'm Bob. The detective they hired to investigate the murder. I look at the windshield of the car. It is a spiderweb of cracks. There is many holes scattered around the windshield, and blood splattered all over. I look at the mangled body of the man who was shot about ten times while waiting at the light in the car. I hold back the urge of retching at the revolting sight. I turn away and focus on the windshield. The holes are slightly angled upward. I turn around and look at the hotel across from the car. Only one of the windows has it's drapes open. All the rest are closed so they don't have to look at the scene. There is a man standing in the window. He is wearing dark shades and a tux. He turns and walks away. I walk over to the hotel and that the key for the room I saw he is in is not there. I walk up and knock on the door...

    1. When I opened the door the guy was actually the son of the guy who died and he had a sister named Samantha and the boy was Exzavier also they said there dad was Dirpston.M.Startioptol...

  9. "OK son, what do you know?"
    "Not much sir"
    "You were there when IT happened. You must know something, the Who's? the What's? and the Where's. Who. Did. He. Kill?"
    "Like I said I don't know much but I'll tell you what I do know. And what I do know starts with . . . "
    *siren noises* I'm walking home from school when some guy bumps into me. He's holding a dark-brown duffel bag with unknown contents.

  10. Damage to propertey: none
    info: fatal stabbing
    part stabbed: chest
    punashment; unnon

  11. The local Bank has been burnt to the ground! Crowds of bystanders arrive to the scene, awaiting something more. And that is just what they get. The building collapses, falling to the ground. The police set up yellow lines, displaying the word 'CAUTION' over and over again many times. But who has done this? A witness saw a person dressed in black in the dead of night running away from the crime scene, but was too far away too investigate the criminal's facial features. That is the police investigator's job. Ms. Myrick does her job very well. Today, from the previous crime, she tracked down the villain using only the security cameras. Of course, she also looks for fingerprints so when the police catch several people who fit the description, she can find the real criminal. But for this crime, it might be different. How do we know if the crook set fire the building? It could have been an accident, but not very likely.
    How will we prove it?

  12. I’m in New York City. I’m walking down the street and all of a sudden about 100 ft in front of me I see the sight of a crime scene. I keep walking because I love things like this. Once I get close enough I see.....a dead cat. Really? A dead cat.

  13. someone murdered a chair and the police are wondering who did it

  14. someone mugged tyson and calvin they look for any trace of the muggers and they look for stuff the criminal may have dropped

  15. someone was killing someone and the cops got called and the people i work for is investigating

  16. The husband said "Officer we just had her birthday party.Do you really think I would kill her my own brother?"
    "I've meat people that were sisters and the one killed the other one."
    "So that don't mean I killed him!"
    "Ok I don't know if you did it or not but ether way you are going to court if you like it or not."
    "fine this is so un far way me?"
    6 months later.........
    I am in the court room and I am so weird about if i did the right thing taking in these people. There were so many people that I don't know if the other police got to all the people that were there.

  17. I walk on-sight to the crime scene. I go under the "Police Only" tape surrounding the block. Lights are flashing with crowds around the border. My right-hand-man, Benedict, is just getting out of his police car.
    Walking over, I ask, "Ben, did you get the file?"
    "Nope. It was stolen."
    "I guess we'll have to look for evidence. Let's start with the basics, what happened?"
    "A murder. Mrs. O' Williams from the bookstore downtown."
    "Oh shucks. She had a book on hold for me."
    "Sophia! Not the time!"
    "Anyway, she was shot just after church service downtown. Apparently when she got out of her car, when she arrived at the apartment complex."
    "Let's start looking for clues. Fingerprints, Footprints, hair-"

  18. "What happend here?"
    "Sir we have a pretty good idea but no certain crimes, yet."
    "You now who tho call," "The worlds only consunsulting detective..." "Sherlock Holmes."
    Ring, Ring, Ring , Ring
    Sherlock sprung to life and ran twords the phone," "Hello," he said in a muffled whisper,
    "The police..." "We need your help a murder..."
    "Adress?" Said sherlock with a pad of paper,
    "69 Death street," "Odd name for a street don't you think?"
    But Sherlock wasn't listing he ran twords the door and met Watson in a cab. And were off in less than a minute after the call. John Watson orded the cab and they were there in 15 minutes...
    "Sherlock what going on here the body is in the car there blood everywhere but no bullet holes only sclices in his legs and arms from a mache-"
    "No it was not a machette it was a cutlas for some reason but the killer has to be seven feet tall from the slashes and he weak thats the description now ill leave you to your work...

    Continue the story

  19. Someone murderd a cat named bob and he was killed by the KATNIP


  20. The president lost his selphone in florida last place he knew were it was on the plane. He put it in his pocket. His pocket has a hole in it he figered that out when his wife asked to barrow it on there way back to the white house. Then remembered the waiter on the plane picked up somthing on the floor next to his seat.

  21. There has been a murder. The witness are saying two different story's and two different killers! The only way i can find the killer is the clues. I first look for clues around the crime scene. Then I look for weapons. if I find a weapon then I can trace finger marks to are killer. and that is how i would find the killer.

  22. This morning when I went to school the brownie pan on the counter was untouched, But when I got home from school today half of the brownies where gone. The first person I ask is my dog but all he says is "RUFF", well at least I tried. All of a sudden I see little brownie bits on the floor, I follow the trail and it leads to my Dads office.
    "dad why are you eating all the brownies?" I ask
    "Now you have to make a whole new pan of brownies because you ate them all"


  23. CRIME SCENE Columbus and his men killed the Taino and that was the crime scene

    1. and they killed them and it was a bludy crime seine

  24. someone has codmitted a murder all suspects are at court.The suspects are the indians christifor culoumbus his men the king and queen...

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  26. If i was a inspector I would look for hand print.I would believable the person who was there and sow what happen.

  27. The bright lights of the police cars illuminate the words, CRIME SCENE on the yellow tape. Off to the side a woman is sobbing hysterically into her husbands arm "Why us? Why us?" she says in between gasps for breath. A little ways down the street a crowd of people is gathered talking together in hushed whispers. The unspoken words hang in the air, who will be next? The robberies have been happening for months but this break-in is by far the worst hit the town has taken so far. Home of the incredibly rich James and Susan Reynolds, it's full of all the new security upgrades and gadgets. The few people who have ever been in their house were amazed. They had everything you could imagine. But now their most precious item was gone. Stolen! The Diamond James had given Susan on their wedding was huge and was worth millions of dollars. The best detectives and private investigators were hidden all over town and searching for clues but they still hadn't found the culprit. Everyone in town wondered how that clever thief had snuck in. Who knew how long this could go on?

  28. "Detective Ronald is on the case." Chief Hud reassured Mrs. Bumpkin who was sobbing in her husband's arms.
    "Who is this... Detective Ronald?" Mr. Bumpkin asked. Rights he said that a tall dark man in a detectives coat with a brown fedora pulled down to shadow his face, opened the door quietly.
    "This is Detective Ronald.... I made sure he was one of the best, for this case is going to be hard to crack." Chief Hud said.Detective Ronald pulled a chair.
    "Now," he said in a deep quiet voice,directed at Mrs.Bumpkin. "Tell me everything you remember." Mrs. Bumpkin sniffled, trying to get ahold of herself.
    "Well, it all started when i noticed some kind device in my salad when we were at the dinner table eating. Then I saw that there was a red light blinking and a clock count down from 10 seconds. I had seen this device on TV!!!! It was a bomb!!!! I screamed and got the kids and Robert out of the house.Right after we stepped out of the house it blew up!!!!!" Mrs. Bumpkin started sobbing again "The kids are in the ER right now because the are unconscious!!!!!"
    Mr. Bumpkin was tearing up as well.
    "Mrs. Bumpkin, what did the bomb look like?" Detective Ronald asked calmly.
    "It- it-," stuttered Mrs. Bumpkin, trying to get ahold of herself. "It was a tiny little green box to blend in with my salad... as I said it had a blinking red light at the top and the ten second cock at the bottom!"
    Detective Ronald was still, under his brown fedora you could see his shocked face. "Oh no, it can't be..." he murmered.
    Mrs. Bumpkin looked alarmed at the detective's shock, "What is it?!"
    "The only villain that could create a bomb like that would be... Arsenal." Detective Ronald said darkly. "She must have escaped from her cell."
    "Who is she?" Mr. Bumpkin asked.
    "She is one of the most dangerous villains of all time. She is an expert in weapons. And once she is out of her cell there is no stopping her from tearing the city apart..."



  29. There has been a murder on South Easton street. A man about 5.9,married this beautiful girl Lola.but he got very very up set with he committed a crime. He took a knife out, cut her hand with it and then got a Ak47 and shot her right in the left leg where she had already had a broken leg and she died of sharp tarring if you see or know this man please contact the police!


    1. contact the police right away is what i meant

  30. Who do you think commeted the crime?
    I think that Alexander crowsinghan did it he has a criminal record and is not to be trusted.
    Are you working with the police?
    The police don't think i'm right so I've disided to take matters into my own hands.
    Are you looking for any thing in particular?I
    'm looking for many things mostly suspicious activity on crowsinghans part.Do you trust anyone else in the buisness?
    I aint gonna believe no one i'm on my own on this case.
    What kind of evidence are you going to collect
    I'm gonna collect lots of evidence mostly finger prints and lockes of hair.
    "thanks for the interview Conley I hope it wont cause any problems for you".
    "No problem I enjoyed it".
    "Well thanks again bye".
    "Have a good day now bye".

  31. I would collect finger prints,weapons left behind, and things that the killer,shop lifter, ect might have dropped

  32. I am looking for a person who might have committed a murder.
    I have found so far blood prints in the snow. I also found a shirt covered with blood. And I was so close with finding the person but they where not it. Two Days latter someone else was murdered and now I have two crimes to solve.

  33. "WHO STOLE THE CHICKEN LEGS!!!!!!" Yelled mommy.
    " I left them on the counter right here!"
    she walked around the corner and found the rappers to the missing dinner. They had rips and teeth marks in them.
    I bet it was the dog. she thought in her head.
    " Wheres the chicken?"
    "I saw max walking around with it in his mouth."
    "Well now I know where it went. Problem solved!"

  34. I would collect the fingerprints and things that the robber might have dropped. Then I would go to the suspects house and see if he was there or near where it happened. Then ask him weather he saw what happened. If he knows may details then it most likely is him.

  35. Who stole the donuts. he you steel the donuts. No, someone said in the background he did and he's on the lose. run the robbers say i run after him with speed and there is only one. I tackle him and take the donuts to safety. Why did you do that As i handcuff him Because i like donuts. i take him to jail and the donuts are safe.

  36. It was early Monday morning and i was watching the news and they were talking about a murder. Someone saw a dead body wash up on shore and their was bricks tied to their hands and feet and the persons mouth was duck taped. I wounder who did this horrible murder.

  37. I am detective John Brosly and I was assigned this robbery the head of detective inc. Supposively "Tim the Terrible" has struck again. Every time the police can't catch him because right after he pulls off a crime he immediately leaves the country, and boss assigned me the job! I have no clue where to start.

  38. I am bill and I am on a crime site. It was a merder it was tarible the bob got killed and the don't know who did it. I am looking for guns and wepons. I will belive Bob's family. I will not belive the guy in a ski mask. After all of this me Bill and my team found out that the man in the ski mask had a gun and wepons. He started running we went after him. He tryed getting over a fence but we got him. After all it was a Bob that killed a Bob.

  39. When at a crime scene I would be looking for finger prints to see if anyone left any, along with any blood that might help figure out who is a part of the crime scene. I would also look for peoples alibis so I know where they are when the crime was done.

  40. The news headlines flash... "Kidnapping of 12 young school children." Schoolchildren? I am a schoolchild! This was not the first crime in a while. There had been murders, thefts and now a kidnapping. This was to much for m,y family to handle. My father was the head of the police branch in our town. He was hardly home. He left early and came home much after I was asleep. My family had lost a member. Later that night my father came home looking flustered. He had found three suspects. That meant he would probally be spending nights at the police station. This would be a long week.

  41. I hear the sound of the fire truck coming closer and closer to my house. I look out the window and my neighbor's house is blazing with fire. The walls are crumbling down. I see a man suddenly walk out of the house with a face mask on. He goes to his truck which is loaded with gasoline and a blow torch. When he drives away i managed to see the license plate number and i write it down. I call the police......

  42. It's late at night and there's a call at the police station. "Thank goodness you answered! I live on Rosewood street, 31 Rosewood street." a woman says with relief. "What seems to be the problem?" I answered. "My friend next door, her daughter.....was kidnapped