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Choose one of the two pictures to write about

Choose one of the two pictures to write about and put the title of the picture at the beginning of the entry so we know which picture you are writing about.You may add relevant information to someone else's entry if you want but it MUST make sense. Imagine you are one of the characters in the picture and tell us a bit about yourself. Your entry must be at least 5 sentences long! (I will know this because your work will be properly punctuated!)

Daily Life in the Home

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 Farm Life


  1. Farm Life

    It was a hot summer day at the farm. Everybody was working on different things. John was feeding the horses while Jimmy was sheering the sheep. Inside, Tanisha was making corn cakes and Ebin was fixing the roof. Ebin was a handy carpenter and could always fix something in two hours. If not, it was either unable to be repaired or only needed to be nailed once. He also was a great fisherman. He usually brought back many fish to eat. Other jobs he did included feeding the chickens, collecting the eggs, watering the crops collecting the crops, and many other handy jobs.

  2. Farm Life

    Its been a Long time Since we've seen water we've been in a drought are crops have died and we pray to the lords that it rains so we can farm once again the chickens are running out of food we need water for the crops so we can sell them for money

  3. Can you see me? I’m the woman in the back, next to the old house. My husband and son work at the wood mill all day long. It is my job to clean the house, cook for my family and organize our sales of lumber. On hot summer days when my husband and son are outside sweating like pigs I bring them fresh cold water to cool them down. My family lives off of our lumber sales.

  4. Farm Life

    I will tell you the schedule of the farm life 5:00 Julian wakes up gets dressed and let the chickens out of that coop and feed them give them water feed cattle etc. 5:45 he feeds and gives water to dogs. 6:00 Julian wakes up family. 6:45 they eat fresh meat from cows and fresh milk. 7:00 family goes to woods and hunt for food. 9:00 family goes to market to buy and trade goods. 10:00 family works in wood mill then gos and check on the crops. 12:38 family eats lunch. 1:00 chill out in house after hard labour. 2:00 family goes back to wood mill to get money for what they work for then work some more. 5:00 goes to crop field one more time before resting again 7:00 Julian goes to get chickens back in there coop and check for eggs. 9:00 family goes to bed ready for the next day.

  5. it has been a hot summer on the farm. Plowing fields planting my crops and vegetables. that will feed me it the cold days of winter. There has been limitied water cause of the extreamly hot.

  6. life on farm: it was a warm day guby was in the farm collecting eggs and tommy was eat pie in the house everybody had some work to do other than tommy but usualy he always goes to the lumber mill for wood and the horse man always came and brought milk for supper and danny would gather water from the water thing and butch was harvesting cows for meat and little sally from down the dirt road liked watching butch do his job (harvesting cows for meat)

    1. we have some pigs 1 momma, 1 papa, 900 baby pigs with 10 rosters, 20 hens, 2 turkeys, 3 donkeys.

  7. Farm Life

    I'm the bucket, the one the only, hanging over the well. I serve an important purpose for the people on this farm. I provide an easy and simple way to get water up and down from the well. But i feel that I could serve better to a family of peasants with 7 kids, a dog, grandparents, and struggling to live on the small two meals a day they off the petty fund the father gets from twelve hours of hard labor. For a family like that I could serve a small sliver of hope knowing that they can get water each day. Or a hardworking group of slaves tired from a hard days work of picking cotton in the field or cutting grass for their mangy pathetic heap of a master, afraid to get wiped until they bled. For slaves a bucket of water could be the highlight of their day.

  8. On the Farm a dog would have to get use to Samantha the four year old calling me Daffen I also get use to the smelly odors after a hard out on the fields also with those crazy sheep then there is Joseph that wishes he was out in the city but what does he know hes only fifteen, then there is there carring mother Carrie and her husband James.Then there is me Dasher the farm cattling sheep dog.

  9. Farm Life
    The year is nearing winter and we harvest our crops. I am now accustomed to this life, hoeing, planting, finally harvesting. This is my fifth year doing these chores, and now I am to see the barrels of fruits, vegetables, and mead off to the village where I can barter them for the other essentials we need, but have not yet gained, such as fabric for blankets and clothing for the winter, and also to trade our old horses for new foals, that are able to pull a heavy wagon, as the old horses are slow to achieve this business. Slowly they trudge, up to the village where they will be sold.

  10. I am the little boy hiding in the hay in the wagon. It's a warm summer day in mid July, the eighteenth to be specific. I'm playing hide and seek with my younger brother Tom. We are both to young to fight in the war, I'm ten and he's nine. He'll never find me in this hiding spot but the is scratchy and annoying, maybe I should dig deeper into the pile.
    "Lotin, where are you?" my brother called. That's my name, Lotin. I dig head first further down int the hay pile.
    "I'm coming for you Lotin!" my brother exclaimed playfully. He must be close. I shoved my hand down into the bottom of the hay pile when it rested on something warm and hard. Metal. It was round and heavy. I wrapped my hand around the long metal pipe and pulled up. I still couldn't see in the hay but I had never felt anything like it.
    "Tommy!", I shouted, "Look at this!"
    "HA ha Lotin you dummy, I found you." I heard his foot steps coming my way. didn't care he found me I just wanted to show him my new toy I found in the hay pile. I jumped into the air with a pile of hay on my head and pulled up with me the long metal tube.
    "Look Tommy!" I said excitedly. "What do you think this is?"
    "PUT. THAT. BACK. NOW." my dad ordered from behind me.
    "Why Papa?" I asked.

  11. Farm life

    4:00 in the morning I hear the rooster call.I get up and go out side to the barn.I get chills down my back it is windy and chilly out.I hurry up and feed the animals.I get some hay and I feed all of the cows and horses.I go and look to see if we had any seeds to feed the chickens But... we dont have any seeds for the chickens.I go back in the hous and say to bob you need to get some more seeds for the chickens.So he goes and gets some seeds.Igo and feed the chickens we go back and we melk the cows.

  12. Daily life in the home

    I am the mother I wake up I give the kids oat meal and send them off to school with their dad. I start making supper. Once finish supper I start making an apple pie. The minute I finish the kids come in the door they run to give me a hug as soon as I finish the apple pie. My husband comes through the door. He gives me a kiss. I give them dinner. I put the kids to bed. Then I went to bed.

  13. Every Day Life

    I started to make the cake for my sister (Jessa) who was my best friend and my twin we are 1 day apart Jessa was born at 12:57 PM. I was born at 1:00 AM.My name is Jill I'm 21 and I am making muffins for 12 people.The people I am meaning is my family Jessa,Jinger,Joy Anna,Jason,Josh,John David,Jordan,Josie,Michelle (Mom),Jim Bob (Dad) and I (Jill) once I finished the muffins I ran to go and wake up baby Josie, Josie was born 3 months earlier than she was supposed to be so we had two chooses. We hoped she would live or she could die.So as I run to the bedroom I saw Jordan playing outside, I ran into the room and picked her up and I feed her and later then night we had Jessa eat the first muffin and then we dug right in and at 11:00 PM I got every one to sleep. So I ran up to my bed room with all the girls sleeping and I feel asleep.

  14. farm life
    hy i work on a farm and farm life is hard theirs no indoor pluming you wake up at 3:00 in the morning work all day long and worst of all NO ELECTRICITY!!!!!!!


    I am bill the guy on the wagon. My job is to take the milk and other products to the buyers. Life is hard because we have not a lot of time to relax. We have to wake up early and stay up late doing work. I also have to load the wagon with the products. I only have 20 minuets for lunch 40 for breakfast and 30 for dinner. That is what life is like on this farm.

  16. Farm life
    I am Ahmet, I am the young boy with the hat and my back is to you. I do not speak english and never plan on learning how to. My home country is Arabia and I speak «قشزهذ. (That is Arabic for "Arabic". My life has been a hard one since moving to the America. The ways people work in this country are very inefficient and different from the traditional ways I know of in Arabia.

  17. Farm life
    I am Joe i live on a farm every day I harvest wheat from the fields and load it in wagons to be shipped off and sold. every morning I wake up to the smell of cow manure, and every evening I clean it up.

  18. Farm Life
    Hi. I'm Joe, the guy on the carriage with the barrels. We've been having some trouble here on the farm. We live in Mexico, and something has been killing our goats as well as other farms around here. We call it the Chupacabra. In Mexico, it translates to "goat sucker". We named it that because this creature punctures the neck of the goat and drains the blood out of the now dead goat. Last night I heard a sound in the shed where we keep our goats at night that sounded like a growl and a bark mixed together. In the morning I found Three of our goats dead...

  19. Farm life
    Oh, hi i'm the guy on the carrige and those barrels are... well... Sigh, wine and gunpowder. Dont get those mixed up like uncle Bob, he drank some gunpowder made some beans... and well you can guess what happend. After there was a new dimond mine and our family was rich. Now i'm off to the other farm to drop off the supplies. See you later. ;)

  20. Farm Life
    Hi I'm Jake. Pa says somethings has been killing our goats and sucking out their blood. His friend Joe thinks it is the Chupacabra. Our milk and cheese supply has been especially low in the past few weeks. I suggested to Pa that we bring the goats in but he said they get stronger outside. I told him they would keep dying but he didn't listen. Maybe Joe and I can do something about it...

  21. the cow need to get watered and the pigs need to get there pens cleaned out and go get water from the water hole kids o and feed the chickens.

  22. Farm Life

    I wish my parents were still alive. I am not saying this for your sympathy but for your awareness. Let me explain, my first memories were of happy times. I lived with my parent in a grand house. Then one day my parents left for a journey across the sea. I was soon informed that their ship had been swept to the sea floor in a terrible storm. I was sent to live with my uncle, around that time I was about seven and sad beyond possible. I had lived peacefully with my uncle for about a year before he died mysteriously. I was overcome by grief. One of my uncles neighbors sent me to work on a farm on the outskirts of the city. The owners quickly despised me and unlike the other girls in the house sent me to work outside doing the dirty jobs on the farm. I was just eight doing all the work that the grown men disliked. Here I am four years later, still doing the dirty work. I can't say I mind spending my day outside. I try to stay positive. But I can't help thinking how much better my life could be.

  23. hi my name is jammy jow and i was a farmer until that one day. it was a nice day the smell of fries air filed my longs. then the black dragons cam to my farm. they were the most wonted men ever.
    what do you want? i said
    they pont there guns at me and then they shot me.

    to be continuou

  24. FARM LIFE:
    my names Abigail i'm the one with the big bucket of pig slop yay *sarcasm*.
    My job here is to take care of the pigs dog and birds(chickens rooster goose and turkeys). Its messy but i wouldnt trade this life for one any other way.


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  26. Farm Life
    Do you ever wonder how hay gets made in to those perfectly shaped piles? Well, someone has to make them look like that, and in this case that someone's me. Everyday I take the bundles of hay and begin to stack them, being as careful as possible to make sure that everythings how it's supposed to be. The pile starts out tiny but during the day it grows and grow until it's huge. Even though hay is generally light, carrying it around all day can give you a real bad backache. I don't mean to complain or anything but there's quite a lot of less strenuous jobs for a 10 year old boy to do on a farm. For instance, the 12 year old boy Ben who also works on the farm only has to milk the cows and that takes about one hour!

  27. Daily life in a home.

    Do you see that lady hiding in the back corner of the kitchen? Well as a matter a fact that is me.And of course I'm the only one doing my chores except for my older sister Margret who is cooking us dinner, we are usually the only ones doing our chores because our parents are always working so there is no one except Margret and me to tell the youngsters what and they just say no and run outside. After we do our chores we eat dinner then do our homework and go to bed. And that is life in my house

  28. there are for kids and a widowed mom that live together in a small village and they were working hard every day scrubbing the walls cleaning the kitchen and cleaning the bedrooms doing the dish but the littlest got the most chores she had to work out on the lawn. And feed the animals and do all her home work sometimes for her siblings because she was actually the smartest one besides her mom in the family. so the little girl had a hard time living in her house because all she was allowed to do was clean clean clean clean! so one day she got annoyed so she walked up to her mom and said " i am tired of doing all the work around her i want to go out side and play like normal little girls and like my siblings." I want freedom!!!!!!! " the little girl said so she got it.
    the end
    add on please

  29. Hi! I'm standing in the back, you can't see me to well. My name is Cassy. I done with feeding the chickens, milking the cows, giving the pigs slop, and picking barrels of orchard fruits. You see I'm interested in the wine business so that's why I'm watching tem load those barrels over there, there filled with wine. Wine is supposed to make a lot of money. And my life needs something different. You see wine making is supposed to be exciting and I've heard a lot about it. OH!! Mom NOT NOW I'M TALKING TO SOMEBODY!!!! Oh yeah I forgot to ask what your name is!! Sorry got to run tell me later okay!!??

  30. Daily Life in the Home

    Hello! My name is James, and I am the little boy in the front. I am nine years old, and the oldest of the kids. Today has been just another (rather boring) day at home. Father just got home from work on the farm, after another exhausting day of digging for potatoes. Grandma has been spinning yarn all day, and mother has been baking bread, so there is simply no one to play with. I would play with my little sister, but she is to young.

  31. Daily Life in the Home:

    I start to sweat as the the heat of the smoke from the fire pulses at me. I'm tending our families' small corn dinner. My name is Maria and I run this crazy household. I'm the oldest caretaker, since mother is sick with Yellow Fever. It's awful quiet today though, Thomas and Victoria aren't fighting over toys like they always do. Abiel is silent rolling out dough for rolls, but she usually has gossip about hot british soldiers or the way the neighbor's girl, Carlisa, hair looked that day. My husband Cyrus is not even reading the Boston Gazette. I turn to my cousin Sarafina, who is making yarn, and I have the feeling she's confused too. I feel like they're hiding something from me but I don't know what...

  32. This is how my life is on a farm life I am Joe and milking the got or cow or what ever the animal is. Me and my family are hard workers just to get what my family needs to live. This is what I have to do every day all do I am 17 and I start at 7:00 in the morning to 7:00 at night. I have 1 brother mom dad and me to work on the farm. I hope that now you know more about my life then you did before what I told you about my life.

  33. Farm Life
    While it looks like I am just standing there doing nothing I am really supervising everyone around me. My name is Bob, and while I don't own the farm I am the one in charge. I do help out when it is needed. When help is needed I take care of the animals and cut wood. My most favorite thing to do is to take care of the animals which includes feeding them and washing them.

    Hi I'm Julie (I'm sitting next to the fire place). I'm 12 I work at home with my mother and help cook for the family.

  35. Farm life:

    I wake up at sunrise to the call of the old rooster Leaf. I change out of my pajamas into my red plaid shirt and pull my overalls over. I pull on my wool socks and slip on my black mud boots. I walk down the spiral stair case and open the fridge and pull out the egg bowl. I start a pan and scramble some eggs. I eat them and head out the door. I walk to the barn and feed the horses and cows and fill up their water trofts. I walk to the pig pen and feed them too. I go to fill up their water bucket but it is still full. I run to the end up the barn and walk out the back. I feed the sheep. After they finish eating I shear them for summer. I take their wool to the Martha our spinner. I head to the chicken coop. I grab the egg basket off the hook and open the egg box. There are 3 green eggs and 5 brown eggs. I set the eggs on the barn stairs and get the feed. I sprinkle feed on the grass. They peck away. After that it is about 5:00 pm. I head inside for dinner and then I go to bed because I know I have a big day ahead of me tomorrow.

  36. Daily Life At Home:

    Hello!!! My name is Maria Vagalon. I'm not in the picture above. They are our neighbours. Anyway, me and my family live in a cottage next door to them. It's 7:00 in the morning and get dressed. Hazel and Wesley are sleeping in the cots next to me. Wesley is 16 which is 4 years older then me. He is reasonably attractive with red hair and bright green eyes. Hazel is 14, 2 years older then me (I'm 12). She is very pretty with red hair and blue eyes. Now you're probably thinking, why do we sleep in the same room? Our family does not have a lot of money. Mama and Papa sleep in a room with little Jo Jo my baby brother. I walk out of the room with.... boys clothes on. I'm supposed to be wearing a dress but I HATE dresses. I guess you could call me a tom boy. I walk out of our room and see Mama sitting by the fire in her rocking chair. She always does this when she can't sleep. "Mama, what's wrong?" Mama jumps, startled. "Oh! Maria.... oh I had no clue you were there!" Then Mama notices what I am wearing. Suddenly she is scolding me, "Oh Maria, for goodness sake get a dress on!" I slump back into my room and change.... WILL I EVER FIT IN????!!!!!!!

    Please continue!!!!!


  37. Farm Life
    Hello I am Hailey and I live with my Ma,Pa,Sister,and Brother. We have a farm and we all help around the ranch. I help getting out the hay from the hay barrel. I also help getting the eggs from the chickens nest. I also help get the water from the well. We have toast and eggs for breakfast. For lunch we have egg and cheese on a sandwich. For dinner we have peas with eggs and a cheese burger. We have this every day no matter what. That is what I help with and that is what I have for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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  39. Daily Life in Home

    Well Martha, How was working out in the fields? (Betty Joe)
    Good Betty how were the kidling? (Martha)
    Would you too just Stop talking loudly! I'm trying to nap after working in the mines! (tTimothy)
    Oh clam it! You big lie 'in potato sack! ( Betty Joe)
    Ya! we got 'us some company tonight! (Martha)
    Oh ya well you don't want me to be grumpy for when they come, now do you! (Timothy)
    No, but your always grumpy so Ha! (Martha)
    Don't care don't share! (Timothy)
    What do sharing got to do with it! (Betty Joe)
    A' Betty were do you think the kidling are? (Martha)
    I don't give a Crab were they are, I didn't birth them,I'm not the mother who a banded them for her husband! (Betty Joe)
    Oh there they are on the floor! (Martha)
    Scarlet dear take the kidling off to bed thieve have enough supper! (Martha)
    Coming, miss! (Scarlet)
    What were you doing in the kitchen? (Betty Joe)
    I was churning the butter for the dinner party, other miss. (Scarlet)
    Oh well than off you go. (Martha)
    Nancy! (Betty Joe)
    What! (Nancy)
    I want you to spin me a silk dress! (Betty Joe)
    Can not this time mam. (Nancy)
    What? What do you mean by no! (Betty Joe)
    I mean we have no silk! I can make you a cotton Dress! (Nancy)
    Okay my sister (Betty Joe)
    What? What? did I dose off? (Timothy)
    Yes. (Martha)
    Knock! Knock!
    There here! look like you have just been waiting for them! (Betty Joe)
    Hello Friends! Please come in! (Martha)

  40. farm life:

    i hate carrying the hay get splinters and worst of all only get paid 2 pounds a day and i spend that on breakfast lunch and dinner my clothes are rags and my wife is gone...what next

  41. Farm life...

    My name Is bob. In the picture I am driving the wagon. Through out my day I drive the wagon to the mill. I do that over and over 5 times a day. At the end of the day I go home and sit down to a nice warm supper.

  42. Farm Life.

    Hello my name is Pablo and I work on a family farm. My parents make me work every day for 6 hours. I am 12, yet my parents refused to let me go to school and wanted me to work on the farm, and the school board can't say no to my parents. In the picture I am the one standing with my back towards the camera.

  43. hey y'all my name is Mark Mcain my pa his name Lucas Mcain. I am 13 years old and I go to school in North fork. When I get home from school I like help my pa work on the ranch most kids my age would not want to be working on the ranch but that's what I look forward to every day. My mom died when I was much younger but now it is just me my pa 103 cattle going to be 104 pretty soon. my favorite part about living on a ranch is that I get to ride my horse to school every morning. I am the one standing with my back facing the camera.

  44. Farm life

    The farm is all hard work. We had a good season so we can sell some of our corn or cabbage at the market.We don't gain much coin out here because we have very little land and we live a few miles away from the nearest lake but it was cheap property.Well at least we gain some coin and food , I heard ol John is selling his property. He aint have no coin left at all! We have got lots of hay which gets a lot of coin but hay was one of the only things that was not up to standards of a good farm day. We're afraid of a drought soon to come after this spring right in platin season......

    Continue please

  45. The biggest festival of the year is about to start! our family was planning to sell our crops and milk, but then I turned around and it was all gone everything we had worked so hard for all year long. oh no! the bells are ringing, the festival has started and we have nothing to sell! I have looked everywhere but sadly nothing was found.

  46. This is about the farm life and Bob. He is trying to make money to feed his family. And its in the older times. They are in a house about to eat supper. the family is working to get ready to clean the house.

  47. ''Farm life'' Hello, My name is Timmy. I am a farmer. I'm only 12 years old. I work on a farm from sun up to sun down. I am a hard worker at most. But there is one thing about me. I am a slave. I have worked on this farm now for 8 years. I was took from my parents at the age of six years old. I was to never see them since. Any way you probably are wondering how I am writing to you right now. Well in my second year of living and working on this farm a old man known as "ray". He showed me how to write because when your a slave you don't learn this type of stuff. Any way I am working for the master on this farm. His name is unknown because we are only allowed to call him master. He is big in the tobacco industry. He is the richest man in Boston. I think. Any way I was working on the fields and then.................

  48. -FARM LIFE-
    This is my farm we have lots of supply's like lots of food and a good well,
    we have 5 cows 4 pigs, 100 hens, 2 roosters, and 3 pets the first one is a cat the second one is a dog and the third is also a dog.
    We do have a fox attack every once and a while but the dogs mostly keep them away but when the dogs are asleep we tend to get up every now and then
    and that's all for are farm.

  49. Daily Life In The Home
    My life as a servant girl is tough,When i was just seven my parents needed money so they sent me away to work as a maid.I have been in this very house for ten years I am now seventeen.I have not seen my parents in two whole years they don't visit often and I do miss them so.My daily routine goes something like this.First i wake up and collect the eggs from the hen house then I serve breakfast for the family and wash the dishes.By this time in the day I am quite hungry and get to eat breakfast.After breakfast I sweep the floors do laundry and hang the clothes out to dry.Then I help make lunch serve it to the family and eat a small snack.Then its back to cleaning for me I get the clothes of the clothing line fold them and put them in the closet them I scrub the floors and after that its close to dinner time so I help prepare dinner and serve it.after this I have my own dinner and wash the dishes then I chop wood and start a fire.After this if there is nothing else to do I go to bed.

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  50. Ps i'm the girl kneading the bread in the picture.

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