Monday, April 6, 2015

On trial

The man in the orange shirt is guilty of something.There is a trial going on and you have been hired as the prosecution! Create some questions that you might ask as the prosecution ( The prosecution is the legal party responsible for presenting the case in a criminal trial) and then answer someone else's! That means you need to respond to the blog twice. Once=50%, Twice=100%


  1. This trial is about the murder of a woman in college. The man being accused is her roommate.
    1. What do you plead?
    2. Where were you on the night of the murder?
    3. Can you prove you were there?
    4. Did you and her have a bad relationship?
    5. Can you summerize that day? Can you prove it?

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    2. 1. Not Guilty.
      2. Eating pizza.
      3. Yes. I gave myself a pizza facial and it's still on my face.
      4. No.
      5. I got up from bed on Saturday at 2:00 pm. Then I spent the day at the pizza place.

    3. 1 not guilty
      2 in the sewer
      3 there a hobo named Thomas DE Hammond down there
      4 who are we talking about
      5 so i was walking to the store then i fell into the sewer and i met a hobo sewer dog named Thomas DE Hammond and then you guys accuse me of murder

    4. 1#I plan to kill amy
      2# stelening a car
      3# no i killed every one how saw me
      4# yes she Brock up with me and stoll 5000 from me
      5# no

  2. Someone murdered Iben Keld on Friday night. We have a suspect
    1. What were you doing on Friday night?
    2. Do you like doing what you were doing on Friday night?
    3. Can you summerize the last 6 months of your life?
    4. Did you know Iben Keld before he died?
    5. Do you have a criminal record?

    1. 1. I was out at a movie.
      2. Yes, that R-rated movie was awesome!
      3. Its a long story. I did a lot of shopping, studying, and other stuff.
      4. No.
      5. Only drunk driving.

    2. sitting
      no was boring
      no dont want to
      could be

    3. Uh well dah I was like eating like the like G.O.L.D.E.N taco
      Lke toatally it was like yummy
      No because ive been pretending to be this stupid teenager for the goverment!
      Yes hes my brother
      Only killing Iben Keld

    4. 1. I was at subway
      2. Yes I do like what I was doing
      3. I have been at my mother and fathers house house and paying some rent to live in her basement watching television and eating food from there house and doing the laundry every sunday
      4. yes I did know him, he was my father
      5. No I do not have a criminal record but my sister does

  3. the trial is about a man named potato who accused of murdering a chair

    1.where were you doing on Friday night?
    2.Do you like doing what u did?
    3.can you summarize the last 6 months of Ur life?
    4.did you Know Iben Keld?
    5.Do you have a criminal record?

    1. 1.killing a table
      2.yahh...i guess can you? (just don't ask the cops)

    2. 1. at my friends house
      2. yah
      3. not really.....
      4. no
      5. no

    3. 1. having a sleepover with friends.
      2. ya we had so much fun!
      3. yes i ate a lot of candy i had 100 sleepovers i stole 5 cats and well forget what i just said.
      4. NO.
      5.You don't need to know! (maybe)

  4. where were you on the night of august 16th 2015
    where you part of this money sitting
    what were your emotions on the night of the money sitting
    do you like it in jail
    did you like sitting on money

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  6. If I actually ate all those people what would the charges be?
    were where you at 12:00 Sunday 2003?
    do like cheese?
    what color is the sky?
    do you know your charges are?

  7. The crime is the murder of high school girl, Elana Bisdo. The person being accused is her worst enemy, Krissy Hud.
    1. Did you and Elana have a fight before she was murdered?
    2. Where were you on the night of the crime?
    3. What were you doing on the night of the crime?
    4. Do you have any proof that you did not kill her?
    5. Do you have any proof that you were not responsible for her death????

    1. No we did not

      at home

      watching tv

      Yeah i did not kill her

      Yeah i did not kill her

    2. 1. Possibly... She stole my nail polish and called the color, out of style!
      2 and 3. Partying at the club.
      4. Um... Oh! She was at her friends house! My friend gave me gossip.
      5. Isn't that the same as the last question?

    3. 1. First of all I don't even know her
      2. at my friends house
      3. me and her both playing wizard101 and then watching her play just dance
      4. hello didn't I just say that anwser I was over at a firends house
      5.I just anwsered that question!!!

  8. orange shirt man is guilty of tagging on a school and murder.

    1.why does tagging entertain you?
    2.why did you tag inaprorerit stuff on the school? many times have you been caught tagging?
    4.why do you murder people for there blood to use as red paint?
    5.where were you the night of 1/16/04

    1. 1.It gives me something to do after I steal the neighbors cats
      2.It was a dare
      3.Around 7 or 8 times
      4. Because Home Depot's paint is REALLY expensive
      5.Stealing cats

    2. 1. Well if you must know I don't tag, it is pronounced tagger! and It is better than steeling Llama's!
      2. It was fun or you may say a Rush!
      3. 10-15 times but that's not as bad as my family I want to be just like them! so inspiring!
      4. Paint? what Paint my walls are a nice fuchsia, I don't need blood to paint I wave my cats for that. But I use the blood for other things like have the best costume on Halloween!
      5. Don't yell at me!

  9. The guy is in jail for stealing eighteen cars from a $20,300,698 man then drove each one in a ocean then blew them up with gas another reason is because he takes every type of illegal drug while driving also he has to many drugs for his mental problems

  10. .Why did you steal the drugs
    .Did you steal these for yourself
    .Do you realize You stole 349,312,123.00 $ worth of Cocaine
    .What do you think your jail sentence is
    .What is your explanation

    1. .Why not?
      .yah :)
      .what jail sentence?
      .do i need one?

    2. .I didn’t
      .No I didn’t steal any
      .Yah of juices boxes not Cocaine
      .I shouldnt go to jail i stole juice boxes.
      .I dont have one

    3. . why do you care?
      . why you so up in my beeswax now!
      .yup and prod of it! ;)
      .I don't know you haven't said!
      .well.. I first when to the store grabbed what ever I could see and I ran out. If you want proof there are video's on the security tapes!

      I would never steel drugs!
      I never stool the drugs!
      No i did not because ( I did not steel drugs!)
      I don't know?
      I did not steel drugs, and if I did I would have been driving drunk on the streets and would i have not been caught. Would i have not been?

    5. why am i here again
      i dont steal drugs
      i stole chips not cocaine
      tasting pie for the bakery
      why do i need one

  11. where were you during the killing?
    do you have proof you did not kill?
    did you have any part of the crime?

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  12. why did you rub a bank
    where did you get the RPG
    where are your 5 frens
    why did you kill 54 people and ingerd 69 people
    where is the 5 little girls you stoll

    1. No i did not rob a bank because o was feeding my dogs.
      I don't have a R.P.G.
      What 5 friends are you talking about which 5 friends.
      I didn't kill 54 people and I din't ingger 64.
      I din't steal 5 little girls.

  13. You are a suspect in a kidnapping... of a taco... the G.O.L.D.E.N taco.
    Where were you on the day the taco was stolen?
    How do you pleade?
    Crimanal record?
    Do you eat tacos because if you do you win a prize of 100 billion cents
    Do you know anything about the G.O.L.D.E.N taco?

    1. I like that the person was kidnapping a taco instead of a person that was a funny twist!!

    2. 1 I was eating the taco
      2 eh Id say... not... guilty
      3 um no I have not done any thing wrong ( This golden taco tastes great.)
      4 well no I do not as 100 billion cents would be a lot of money
      5 not , at ,all

  14. 1. Where were you on the night that cars were stolen?
    2. Did you steal the cars.
    3. What type of car do you drive?
    4. Do you know how many cars were stolen?
    5. Did you see anybody steal racing cars?

    1. 1. I was asleep.
      2. No.
      3. A tyota.
      4. Nope.
      5. Nope

  15. Where were you the night of the murder?
    Any witnesses?
    Did you no the person who was murdered?
    Who where you with that night?
    Do you have any evidence proving it wasnt you?

    1. 1. I was at my house reading a book by my fireplace.
      2. I only have my friend who was watching a movie beside me.
      3. No, I have no knowledge of this person.
      4. My friend.
      5. Yes, right here in these papers.

    2. 1.I was with my mom watching shrek
      2.Yes my mother
      3.Well I used to work with him mom and dog
      5.well if you look on netflix on movies i've seen recently you'll see I watched shrek on the night of the crime.

  16. The trial is held in which the new jewelry store was robbed. The man is an employee at the store.
    1. What do you plead?
    2. At the time of the robbery in the store, where were you?
    3. Did you physically see the robber? If so, what did he look like?
    4. Did you know what he stole? If so, was is very valuable?
    5. Did you run or flee after the robbery?

    1. 1. I plead not guilty.
      2. At the time of the robbery in the store helping a customer find his way around.
      3. I did see a man walking hurriedly out of the store, and being aggressive to the people around him.
      4. I have no knowledge of what he stole.
      5. I only walked out after him to perhaps see where he was going, but he was gone, so I did not flee after him.

    2. 1. Not guilty, duh.
      2. Just you know, helping a man find a bracelet for his special someone. Nothing out of the ordinary. (Followed by laughter).
      3. I did. Well I think I did. I saw someone with a pointy nose. But he was just a costumer. Never mind.
      4. Wait, someone stole something?
      5. What robbery?

    3. 1. OF COURSE, not guilty!!! *(Looks nervous)*
      2. Well.... uh...... I was in the store that was robbed?
      3. Um... yes..... he was dashingly handsome!!! Um.....
      4. Oh yes!!! I saw what he stole... um... he stole... um.... some diamond bracelets and all the cash from the register.... and pretty much everything in the store.....
      5. OH YEAH I RAN FOR THE HILLS!!!!!!

  17. 1. What were you doing at 12:30 in the morning?
    2. Did any connection or relationship with anyone?
    3. Can you give me a reason why you may or may not have did this crime?
    4. Were you with some one last night at 12:30?
    5. What objects did you have at the time of the crime?

    There is an elderly man about the age of 68 in an orange suit frowning with burning red cheeks. He is very nervous, help him answer the questions.

  18. You have been accused of stealing diamond from the jewel store.

    1. where were you when the robbery happened?
    2. did you see the robbery happen?
    3. have you met the owner of the jewel store?
    4. have you ever been in the jewel store?
    5. who else might have done it.

  19. 1. where were you when the dimond was stolen at 12:30 last night?
    2. what do you plead?
    3. do you know what the dimond looked like?
    4. have you ever been to that museum?
    5. what's your alaby?

  20. The judge sitting at the desk is questioning the person who supposedly violently blackmailed another person who was just murdered. The judge's questions are:
    1. What do you plead?
    2. Do you have evidence that after you blackmailed this person who was murdered you did not come anywhere near her?
    3. What were your exact words when you blackmailed this person?
    4. When was your last contact with this person?
    5. Have you ever been to the place where this crime was committed?

    1. #1-I plead not guilty.
      #2-No I do not but I swear that I didn't kill them.
      #3-I said that I nevwr wanted to see them again and that if they ever got in my way again they'd be real sorry!
      #4- I last saw them at the grocery store in town about a month ago.
      #5- I've been to the place where the crime was commited once.

    2. #1- I plead not guilty.
      #2- I was at the grocery store, i can show you the tomatoes I bought.
      #3- I did not black mail her.
      #4- Two weeks ago at a book signing.
      #5- yes I have been to the place three times.

  21. The man in the Orange shirt is Mr. Heckley. He is an mechanic and owns an auto repair shop. He has recently been accused of killing someone. We will not speak of the victim's name because for the time being his body is unidentified. All they know about the victim is that not from this town and no family or realitives yet know of his death.
    An old lady reported to police that between 2:00 and 3:00 p.m. she saw a man walking down the street with a bald head and holding something that looked suspiciously like a knife. Shortly after police found a body tucked into the shrubbery on the side of the street. Unfortunately she was not able to get a good glance at the man.
    On both sides of Mr. Heckley sit his two lawyers who are desperately trying to prove his innocence, which proves to be a hard job. If you look closely you'll see a young woman standing at the front of the room. She is the judge and is questioning Mr. Heckley. After hearing Mr. Heckley plead Guilty the judge asked him five questions which were...
    #1-If you claim that you didn't commit this crime where were you instead?
    #2-If you are not guilty then why were you blamed?
    #3-We know you know something concerning this case. What do you know? Now spit it out!
    #4- Someone supposedly reported that they saw the man at your Auto shop. What do you have to say about this?
    #5-Do you know the person who was murdered? If so what connection do you have?

    1. 1 At the auto shop
      2 Because the guy that committed the crime was my brother... Oops I wasn't supposed say that
      3 nothin' yer Honor
      4 I don't know what he looked like
      5 No idea who it was

  22. Mr. Flint was accused of killing his sister. (He didn't do it, obviously. But say... thats quite a good idea too bad he didn't think of it.) The prosecutor has some questions.
    #1 If you had the chance would you of killed your sister
    #2 What do you plead
    #What were you doing the day of her death

    1. No he would not have killed to his sister!
      Not guilty !
      I was at work meeting in Utah!

  23. The newspapers had blared it for days."Young man responsible for kidnapping." Not only had he kidnapped young children but he kidnapped them from an orphanage! At the time there was 28 kids staying there. Once he was g one there was 9 kids left. That's just wrong! Luckily the owner was able to get a good glimpse of him. Here I was at his trial just hoping that he wouId be guilty and I was going to crush him. I shuffled my papers, I was ready.
    1. What was the benefit of the kidnapping ?
    2. Were you carrying any weapons?
    3. Did you mistreat the children in any way?
    4. Did you have anybody helping you commit this crime?
    5. Were you working under someones rule?
    Oh, he was going down!

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    2. #1 They were severely bullying my children even after I spoke with their family and them.
      #2 No I was not.
      #3 Maybe a little shove once and a while and i had to tape their mouths so they did not scream.
      #4 No it was purely by myself.
      #5 No I was not it was my own decision.

    3. #1 They were good workers
      #2 No
      #3 No, I did pick them up and throw them in the car twice
      #4 No, I work alone
      #5 Yes, $80 an hour

  24. a man is in court because the kidnapped 4 kids from what people say his x-wife.
    1. did you hurt these kids?
    2. if so how did you hurt them?
    3. why did you kidnapped these children?
    4. did you have a relationship with this woman Mr.Smith?
    5. do you have anything to prove that you are not guilty of this crime Mr.Smith?

    1. I did not hurt them.I kidnapped them because I wanted kids of my own but now that my wife left me I took them they are my kids.yes here are some papers that proof that I am there dad.

    2. 1. I did hurt these children
      2. I beat them
      3. I was paid by my best friend billy bob
      4. no sir
      5. NO

  25. The man in the prison outfit is charged with abuse to his pitbull, he "boxed"(cut off) the dogs ears un-professionally so the dog can go into the fighting arena.
    1.How do you plead?
    2.Are you aware that if the dog hadn't been found by the animal shelter then the dog would have died in a few days?
    3. Do you know that what you did broke at least 3 laws?
    4.What was the point in dog fighting why not just GET A JOB!
    5.what is the probability of you even winning a dog fight?
    6.Did you at least win the dog fight?
    7.If we didn't catch you the dog would've died,would you have gone and bought another dog
    8.You realize your going to jail right?

    1. 1. Not guilty
      2. No. As I'm not a professional
      3. I'm not a Lawyer ya' know.
      4. Because there are few lob openings in Santa Fe and I didn't go to a good college.
      5. Very good I got this dog second hand from a from a buddy who trains dogs to do things like this.
      6. It was close. But no.
      7. Yeah, more money equals better life for me.
      8. WHAT!

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    3. 1. Not guilty
      2. No I was not aware that the dog would of died if not found by the animal shelter.
      3. No I did not know that by cutting of the dogs ears is breaking of three laws.
      4. I thought that fight dogs would make a lot of money in little time.
      5. There was a big chance that I would win the fight because my dog was bigger and trained better than the other dog.
      6. Yes, I did win the dog fight the other dog shouldn't of been in the fight because he was so small.
      7. Yes I would of gone and bought another dog, so I could continue fighting dogs.
      8. Yes!

  26. This man has been accused of two things, Solicitation, and Stalking.
    1. Who else was involved in the crime?
    2. How old was the person you Solicited?
    3. Why were you stalking _____?
    4. How old was the person you were Stalking?
    5. Have you had any relationships with the person you were stalking?

  27. this man killed his own sister and he says he is not guly.
    I have some questions for you.
    1.Where were you at 6:24 at the time of the killing?
    2.Do you have witnesses to proof that you didn't?
    3.If you did kill her why did you?
    4.Where you working alone?
    5.Where you forced to kill her?

  28. This animal has just committed another crime. This time he was charged with murder for killing a cashier in a gas satiation.
    These were some of the juries questions for him
    #1 What do you plead?
    #2 If you plead guilty, what were you doing at the time of the crime?
    #3 Had the cashier blackmailed you or taunted you and that is why you killed him?
    #4 When was the last time that you saw the man?
    #5 Do you have any evidence about why you killed this person?

    1. 1 I plead not guilty
      2 I was just eating some cat nip
      3 He made some jokes online how dogs are better than cats
      4 Yesterday
      5 I printed out the text on my I Phone
      I am not guiltie

  29. 1Why did he do that

    2How did he get by the copes

    3what did he want

    4how bad did he get in rouble

    5did he go to jale

  30. 1) According to the court, what are you guilty of?
    2) Where were you when the crime happened?
    3) Do you have any witnesses that can place you at that location?
    4) Do you have any evidence that can help you?
    5) Who else was involved in the crime?

  31. 1.why would he do what he did
    2.what did he do it for
    3.why did he want to kill the people
    4.why at a theatre
    5.why on friday

  32. Some one has been accused of stealing a bracelet from a famous jewelry store, oh and the person also kidnapped the lady who was wearing the bracelet.Oh yeah and he also burned down the store.
    Here are some questions that the judge asked the defendant!!!!!

    1. Why did he do what he did?
    2. Is he guilty?
    3. If he is guilty what is the punishment?
    4. What would he get out of burning the building?
    5. What happened to the lady he kidnapped ?

  33. 1. Where were you on the night of June 1st, 2007?
    2. Do any of your friends have a criminal records?
    3. Do you have a criminal record?
    4. Who was with you on the night of June 1st, 2007?
    5. Are you proud of what you did?

    1. 1. I... I... I was at the Store. (you don't need to know what store though.)
      2. Maybe? :)
      3. "No" Why would you think that?
      4. My best buddy... oh I remember Munchcan!
      5. what did I do!!!!!!!!!!!
      (seriously tell me!)

  34. 1)What is bob guilty of?
    2)Who else is guilty in this crime?
    3)If bob was guilty what did he do?
    4)If he did commit the crime why did he do it?
    5)bob do you have any evidence to prove your insentient?

  35. The man in the orange shirt broke into the museum on 5th avenue street. The guard went to the bathroom and he broke in through the eighth story window. The sirens were wailing and the police were coming. He went as fast as he could into the next room and grabbed the diamond. He jumped out the window and ran back to his car. He put the diamond in the brown bag and ran into his house. He opened his cabinet and put the diamond in the safe. He didn't know but the police were following him. They broke into the house and took him to the jail. The next morning he was brought to court. Here are 5 questions he had to answer...

    1. Why would you do this?
    2. Were you working for someone or was this all on your own?
    3. Were there more people helping you?
    4. How do I know you are not guilty?
    5. what did you plead?

  36. Larry has robbed a bank on his way out he got caught Larry is not very good at robbing banks sadly for Larry now hes on trial.
    1.How do you plead?
    2.Did you have any one helping you?
    3.Who was going to drive the get away car?
    4.was this an inside job?
    5.have you ever attempted to do anything of this sort before.

    1. #1 NOT GUILTY!!
      #2 Uh, No, Duh that's way I'm so bad at robbing banks!!
      #3 Um, Are you deaf cuz if you heard what I just said then you would know the answer to that question.
      #4 No....... maybe, YOU DIDN'T HEAR ANYTHING!!
      #5 No, Duh that is also why i'm so bad at robbing banks!!

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  38. Ashley & Beck were abused of sealing, abusing, and Tickling? Well now that you know the problem here are the questions.

    1. Did you or did you not abuse the moose?

    2. Did you or did you not tickle the feet?

    3. Were you the one who told Beck to go and tickle the feet?

    4. Where did you put your stolen?

    5. Why did you do it? (if you are not proven guilty)

    6. If you did abuse the moose what would you name it?

    7. Did Beck tell you to seal the priceless Llama?

    8. Finally... Did you abuse the MOOSE! (tell me the truth!)

    1. Answers to your questions.
      1.Yes, I abused the moose.
      2.No, I did not tickle the moose's feet.
      3.No,I did not tell Beck to tickle the feet.
      4.I hid him in the forest up in a tree house..
      5.I abused this moose because i thought it would be funny.
      6. I would name the moose George.
      7. No,I did not tell Beck to seal the priceless llama.
      8.Yes ,I did abuse the moose.

  39. A guy killed a mouse.
    1 How do you plead
    2 why did you kill that mouse
    3 What did he ever do to you
    4 What were you doing around 11:00 am
    5 did you tell people that you were going to kill him.

  40. Lena is a murderer she has been to 10 different states murdering people and kids she just got out of jail 1 month ago and had been in jail for 5 years.

    1.Why did you murder so many people?
    2.How do you plead?
    3.What states have you been to?
    4.How did you murder the people?
    5.Were there shootings involved at schools?

    1. 1. I am not sure why I murdered so many people, I just did.
      2. Guilty
      3. I have been to Texas, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Maine, California, Florida, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Maryland and I have also been to Canada
      4. I don't remember they all come together as one.
      5. Yes, now that I think about it there was.

  41. Why did you steal 1 tiger and 1100 lions from a zoo?
    Did you harm these animals?
    Did you have help with the stealing?
    Have you done anything like this ever? (If you answered no to question # 4 then what motivated you?)

  42. 1. where were you the night of February 7th 2003.
    2. who were you with the night of February 7th 2003.
    3. what made you have the feeling to do this crime.
    4. who was the last person you talked to on the night of February 7th 2003.
    5. how do you plead guilty or not guilty

    1. 1 china
      2nike calcagni
      3 I didn’t do it
      4Nick calcagni
      5 innocent

  43. This trial is for the murder of Eva Benway.
    #1 What do you plead?
    #2 Where were you on Dec 3,2014?
    #3 Why were you there?
    #4 Did you know the victim?
    #5 If so, how did you know the victim?

    1. Inocent
      At a party
      Because I got a world record
      He was my best friend

  44. This is a trial for the man Hugo. You have been accused of murder as you are his past friend and was reported sightings nearby. Answer these questions.

    1. how long have you known him and have you ever thought badly or thought of murders for/of him
    2. Where were you on the night of Friday January 1 2015
    3 . do you know his language Swedish and we over heard you saying something to him in that language what did you say.
    4. Do you plead guilty or not guilty
    5.if you did the crime for a lower or higher punishment what do you think caused you to do this and why (your name , treated badly as a kid , bullied etc....) Answer these questions to say if you are guilty of this crime

  45. 1. Where were you the night of the crime?
    2. Who was with you during this time?
    3. How do you plead?
    4. Do you have any evidence?
    5. How do you feel about the crime that took place?

  46. he is on trial for eating a baby. He got caught. He was found guilty but he got away

  47. 1.Where were you on the night of the crime?
    2.What were you doing?
    3.Did you see the crime in action?
    4.Did you see any hooded figures?
    5.Is anyone you know acting suspicious?

  48. Darn those congress men!
    I tel you I have had a heck of a lot with them and now they are working on my last nerve.